The New Go-To Cities for 2020


As things change, so do the popularity of tourist destinations. Whether the going trend is festivals, adventure tourism or historic museums, the hottest places vary year-by-year. Sites like claim that what was once considered normal cities, are becoming megacities, like Chicago or Bogotà, for all types of tourism. Take a look below at my suggestions for vacation ideas if you want to be different!

Galway, Ireland

Being named Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2020, Galway is a hotbed of festivals and events. Make sure you mark the calendar for happenings like the Galway horse races, the Wild Atlantic Women literary (this year featuring literary legend Margaret Atwood) and the Galway Arts Festival with musical greats to appeal to any taste. There’s no wonder Galway holds a spot on this list! Experience the beautiful Irish culture and landscape in Galway, and even in other towns like Cork or Dublin if you can.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Moving from culture to landscape, Bishkek is an adventurer’s paradise! With little in the way of infrastructure, this tiny country runs a whole gambit of terrain with soaring mountains offering hiking, horseback riding, and skiing and desert valleys between splitting the scenery pleasantly. For the rugged explorer, this is the kind of destination that not many may have heard of, but is definitely worth the trip and exploring a new country so culturally rich!

New Caledonia

For those that fancy an island getaway that’s unique and wonderful with French history and local flair, consider New Caledonia. The water sports in crystal clear oceans are incredible draws alone! The French-inspired cuisine to end the day is a unique differentiation from other islands in the South Pacific. Parlez vous francais? The remote, boutique and wonderful, New Caledonia is calling for you!

St. Petersburg

Recently opening their borders up to multiple nationalities in 2019, Russia now welcomes many tourists that would have been refused before making St. Petersburg and all its centuries of culture accessible to visitors! Museums, cathedrals, hotels and the list of notable attractions in the former Russian Capital are miles long. Go, visit and be amazed at this jewel of Russia that often can get overlooked. If you are into art, theater, and history, St. Petersburg should be next on your list.

Sao Tome

Yet another little known destination, but steadily rising in popularity is Sao Tome. The islands are positioned uniquely to have a blend of Africa, Portugal, and Galapagos culture. Out of the way and quiet, the beaches are expansive and stunning. Perhaps not as adventurous as some locations, the charm, and remote location will have you thinking you’ve arrived in a different world.

Montevideo, Uruguay

The last spot on this list has us heading down to South America to a beautiful vacation spot: Uruguay. A small, local atmosphere filled with boutiques, cafes, and restaurants for after-the-beach indulgences. Everything is accessible, from partying in Punta del Este to touring quiet José Ignacio, or experiencing one of the most chill and beautiful capitals in the world that is Montevideo; there is something here for everybody. Heavily influenced by Europe, the architecture is mixed with an Italian/Spanish flair and not to mention the food is to die for!

While this list is by no means exhaustive, the locations described are ones you may not have thought about before. Be it sunny beaches or historic museums, there is something for everyone. The best part is all these destinations are reasonably priced. Ready your passport-this vacation season and explore!

Are any of these cities on your list already? If so, which ones?

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