All Things Leather: How to Style Leather Shorts

The classic short is generally associated with being denim, cotton or linen pair. But we have a new pair of shorts to choose from now, with leather shorts taking their place on the runway and in street style. Leather shorts are fashionable and a versatile piece that can be worn in most seasons of the year, depending on how you style it.

How to Choose the Perfect Leather Shorts:

1) Cuts

Leather shorts come in all different cuts and designs, such as high-waisted options, fitted options, straight hem, scalloped hem, paper bag waist, zippered waist, pull-on shorts, and more.

The trick is to first imagine how you want to style your shorts and get the most wear out of them. Do you prefer to highlight your body type with high-waisted cuts? Then go for that! If you prefer a bit more length on your shorts, there are Bermuda style leather short options that will accentuate your legs.

2) Colors

Take a look at your closet and see what colors you tend to gravitate towards. If you are starting out with your first pair of leather shorts, go for a classic color such as black. It is the easiest to style (see below)! There is also the classic brown as well as fun colors such as red and white to choose from.

3) Brands

From high street to luxury brands, there are plenty of brands and price points to pick your leather shorts from. Online stores like Luisaviaroma carry many of the designers that have included leather shorts in their collection, like Dsquared2 for example: in the new collection for women you can find a variety of cuts and colors. Stella McCartney has a pair of faux leather shorts that I would live in; for a more budget-friendly option, TopShop has white leather runner shorts, and Blindness has a pair of faux-leather 5-pocket shorts that are cute and show off your figure.

How to Style Leather Shorts:

The main thing to remember when styling your leather shorts is to style them down. You can make your look very casual with a tee and sneakers, or opt for a silk blouse and still have the main focus and style piece as the shorts.

1) For your everyday look. 

Pair your leather shorts with a white tee or button-up shirt. Add your favorite shoes and bag to pull the look together. When it’s colder out, add a pair of tights and opt for boots. When it’s warmer weather, add flats, sneakers or heels with no tights.

2) For a polished city look.

Idea 1: Wear black tights under your black leather shorts, a black sweater, black pointed toe heels, and a tweed coat over the top. Add a black bag and sunglasses, as well as your favorite pair of earrings.

Idea 2: With a fitted pair of black leather shorts, add a white button-down shirt, black tights, black ankle boots, black blazer, and a chic mini bag. To balance this polished button-down shirt look, pull your hair back in a sleek hairstyle.

3) Casual but polished look.

Add black sheer tights under your leather shorts, a fun boot, a sheer or another fun top, and a mini coat. Pair your bag with your leather shorts to pull your look together.

4) For a spring look.

Add a graphic tee and a denim jacket with your leather shorts. Go bare leg and add your favorite shoe and simple bag combo. For a night out. Style your leather shorts with your favorite oversized and perhaps sheer top and heeled sandals or pointed toe heel. Add your favorite lip and you are set!

5) For a night out.

Style your leather shorts with your favorite oversized and perhaps sheer top and heeled sandals or pointed toe heel. Add your favorite lip and you are set!

6) For a chilly night out.

Mix up your leather short look by wearing a pair of black sheer tights underneath, a pair of combat boots, and your choice of top. You can go for a fitted sweater or loose sweater and tuck it in depending on which part of your body you want to highlight or a casual tee for a more relaxed look.

Do you like leather shorts? If so, what is your favorite way to wear them?

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