Happy 2014!

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Happy New Years Loves!

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years! In my last blog post I mentioned I was going to be headed to the islands of South Padre, TX for the New Year; as you may be wondering how it went, it was to say the least a very one of a kind trip! Those of you who are thinking, why South Padre? Well, my friends and I wanted to get away from this brutal, cold Chicago weather, and wanted to head someplace warm, sunny, and overall just a “beachy” environment. Though, South Padre Island is known to have beautiful beaches and scenery, unfortunately with our luck, the Sun God chose not to come out the whole time we were there! It was depressingly cold and rainy the entire time. We didn’t even have a chance to rock out our bathing suits, or even head to the beach in general. Despite the negatives, the trip overall was a good time, as long as you have good company, it’s always possible to make the best out of it!

On a good note, we had the chance to miss some of Chicago’s unpredictable, crazy winter weather! If your a Chicagoan, you must know that that is DEFINITELY something you want to miss!

Anyways, this next blog post will be about the few outfits that I did get to wear during my trip! Check it out!

If you want to check out my previous post on the details on each outfit…. Check it out HERE.

I brought other outfits, but since it was cold and rainy, I spent most of the trip wearing as many layers as I could! Oh.. And a poncho, of course. =)

Maybe my next post will be on how to still be fashionably cute in a poncho! 😉

All right, until next time Loves!

Fancy Nancy <3

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