Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions!

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Hey Loves,
I cannot seem to fall asleep, and all I have been constantly thinking about lately are my New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2014! Whether it’s fashion, health or lifetime goals, it’s a New Year, and also my last semester of school, so I definitely want to embrace each and every one of these wonderful days of the year! Here is a list of my goals/resolutions:

1) Post at least twice a week or more. 
     (This means, NO EXCUSES! If I don’t manage to write at least two posts one week, I will have to make it up for the following week!)
2) Build my audience, traffic to my site and increase the amount of followers.
     (It’s every blogger’s goal. This means I must keep posting!)
3) Attend more social networking events.
    (I have YET to attend one… which I am going to my first official blogging event this FRIDAY! WOO! More to come!)
4) Network, network, & network!
    (This is basically the same as the previous goal.. Can’t emphasize this any MORE but networking gets you to places! I need to network not only for my blog but for my major as well)
5) Stay healthy and fit
    (I actually have started going back to the gym last week! So I am on the road to becoming a healthy chica! (: )
6) Study hard and focus on making a “banging” portfolio
    (Despite my goals for blogging, most importantly, I need to concentrate on school work and to finish pieces for my portfolio! This my last year, and I only have a few more months to finish up!)
7) Work on overcoming my weaknesses and learn to be more patience.
    (Day by day, I am growing and learning.)
8) Giving up sweets and/or chocolate for at least a month or two.
    (Haha, my best friend and I were talking about this today… I have a serious addiction to chocolate especially. I really should try this challenge one of the months out of the year!)
9) Run a 3K, 5K or more.
   (I have never been much of a runner, but ever since I started exercising a lot more, I really would love to run one in the nearby future!)
10) Last but not least, enjoy this wonderful 5 years of living in Chicago! 
     (Cheers to that! Really though… Should be a fun eventful year!)

On a note, I do have some exciting projects I will be working on in the next few weeks!  So stay tuned for that! 

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Am I missing anything on my New Year’s Resolution list? 

Additionally, I wanted to say I appreciate each and every one of you! Even if it’s just a small number of people that read my posts, I am very thankful. Thank you for all the followers I have been receiving every day!  I am doing my best to network as much as possible and to expand my audience one step at a time. 

Since this isn’t a typical outfit post, I was going back in time and looking at my previous posts back in the summer time… And here are some of my favorites:
Seagreen Dress
Leather & Red
Hi-Lo Skirt
Neon Wrap Dress

Do you have a favorite look?

All right, that is all for now! 🙂 I updated a few new things on my blog site! Hope you enjoy!


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