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Hello All!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. It makes you realize that you should always cherish every moment with those you love at every point of your life! I am finally headed to a beach in Texas called South Padre Island for the New Years with a few of my good friends. I would have to say that one of my favorite parts of going on vacation is packing. I enjoy going through my closet, playing dress up, and putting pieces together. Although, I have only purchased a few new things this year, I was able to style a few outfits for different occasions on my vacation! Here are a few favorite that I have captured….

1) OUTFIT #1: Bar or Party Outfit

*whole outfit*

*closer view*
By the way in case you’re wondering why my shoes straps look like that, I didn’t actually put them in all the way… Just was doing a quick try on! I tried this look with different pieces, but this was my final decision. 
This outfit can be worn casual (just minus the necklace) or dressy casual.
2) OUTFIT #2: Dinner, Bar or Site Seeing/Touring Outfit

I have two different ways to wear this top! This top also can be dressed up and/or dressed down. The only annoying thing about this top is that the straps are very loose, and kept on falling down! So you must tie it in a knot or something… Also you can’t see what earrings I am wearing, but this look looks really nice with big hoop earrings! 
Here is another way to style this top, if you find yourself not wanting to wear it with white! 
This is also very “girly” or “flirty” look! 


3) OUTFIT #3: Club or Bar Scene Outfit

This is pretty explanatory. This look is definitely dressy enough for a bar or club night. 
NEW PIECES: TOBI ‘Tulips Are Better Than One’ Dress (They actually don’t have this color anymore, but this comes in multiple colors!)
4) OUTFIT #4: Casual Day Time Wear
So sadly, the forecast in Texas is going to be chilly! =( So I brought a few random tops and bottoms to wear during the day time. Here is a casual, simple but fashionable outfit to wear! So you can still look cute while being cold and miserable! 🙂
Of course, I have a few other outfits that I have planned to maybe/possibly wear! Can’t have too many selections! You should never be ashamed of being “over packed,” at least you can say you were prepared!! Prepared for any occasion, right?!? 😉
Well have a wonderful NEW YEAR! I know I will! <3
Always & Forever,

Fancy Nancista <3 <3 <3 ;-*


  • Teea Lynn


    Everytime I saw the next outfit I was like this is my favorite one, great post and btw the last one ended up being my favorite I love royal colors

  • Nancy Sevilla


    Thank you! I am glad you like it! =)

  • LV wallet


    I needed a good support as my new dress was thin, I ordered a bodysuit made for low-cut/backless dresses and it is great. It runs long for me; I'm 5'5 even with 3 or so inch heels, it was still long.

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