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What more could you ask for?

Glass House shirtmakers  designs form-fitted and high quality men’s button up shirts. Like what you’re hearing? Well there’s more!! This company designs shirts using only the finest organic materials, such as cotton, hemp, and lyocell aka Tencel (which is a natural fiber using recyclable solvents).

(Aww, great for the environment, huh?)

On my last post I mentioned that I had a chance to meet with a Chicago based designer but I didn’t tell you whom and where. Well (like mentioned previously) the company is called Glass House shirtmakers, and the owner behind this awesome company is named Daniel Bernardo. A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a post about them, and I agreed to it while also proposing an idea I had. I didn’t want to just write about the company blindfolded but I wanted to be able to check out the company in person and get the inside scoop on what the company was all about. I was lucky enough to have met Daniel and interview him about his company!

Check out our interview here!

For better quality: Watch it on YouTube 

Here are some extra photos I took while I was there… 😀

 Founder of Glass House shirtmakers  – Daniel Bernardo

Me & Daniel

I got a good look at these high quality men’s shirts… and let me tell you, they are.. So sophisticated yet so chic!! MmmmM… Now that’s the kind of men’s style I like! :::wink wink:::

Shop the brand here! & turn your man into Mr. Prince CharmingWHILE also saving the planet one step at a time!

Thank you Daniel for creating such a sustainable, sophisticated, and form-fitted styles for men!


I also wanted to officially announce that I will be writing about men’s fashion wear as well, and excited to start a video blog on YouTube! This year is going to be a fun-filled blogging adventure! I have more exciting future plans as well!

In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube account! =)

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