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Hi lovers! Happy March! Sorry I have been a slacker lately… I honestly have been a lazy bum and dressing like a bum, which is definitely unlike me! I ordered a few things and received one yesterday! I have been WANTING these ZARA booties for a long time but I did not want to spend 130 or whatever price it was, but last week while I was browsing their sale that has been going on for months, they randomly had the shoes in my SIZE! IT was definitely meant to be I would say! =)

Anyway, check out my outfit!

Unfortunately these leggings I bought from ASOS last year, and have been wanting to find the perfect shoes to wear with them, and they looked great with these leggings!

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What do you guys think of this look? I am suppose to receive two more packages tomorrow :::crossing my fingers::: !!! So I will be sharing you some more outfits this weekend! Woo, it’s the weekend again! 🙂
PS> I got a new-hairdo! You can’t really tell with these pics! But here are some:

I am still getting pretty used to it…. I feel like my hair looks better in pictures than in person!?! I don’t know. Super blonde! Check out more pictures on my INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW ME <3
PPS>> I am giving up SWEETS for lent!! Ahhhh… though if you read my 2014 Bucket List, I wanted to give up sweets for a while… This should be a very challenging thing for me to give up, but I will stay strong! 
Until next time loves,
Fancy Nancista 


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