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From treadmills to rowing, cycling and versaclimbers; in the city of Los Angeles, there’s so many different workout options to choose from. Though I do have my favorite workout studios I go to often, one of my top favorite workouts in LA is Rise Nation (located near the intersection of La Cienega and Melrose Ave.).

If you follow me on Instagram; you probably already know my obsession with this studio, as I go quite often. And those of you who are new to my space, this class is a heart-pumping, full body, 30 minute high-intensity workout that uses a machine called a versaclimber throughout the entire class.
A versaclimber, you ask? Yes, these machines can seem quite intimidating (not going to lie) but don’t let it get to you – as it’s not as scary as it seems – think a combination of doing stairs but also using your arms to move up and down. Versaclimbers work both the lower and upper body and the best part is it’s proven to burn more fat than treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and bikes!

Don’t forget to stretch! 😉 
At Rise, they have a nice little outside patio where you can stretch and hangout before and after your workout!

Rise Nation offers climbers three different levels to choose from:
Level 1 – is for beginners. Those who have never taken this class before, I highly recommend you start off with this class. This class allows you to get familiar with the machine, with more in-depth instruction on movement proper form and movement execution.
Level 2 – this class is a faster pace than level 1. Once you have mastered the machine, you can finally move on to level 2. It has more upbeat and high tempo music featuring a variety of different movements and focuses on utilizing the beat of the music to motivate you through your climb.
Level 3 – is a full on high-intensity, extreme advanced class. This is recommended once you feel like you are ready to be extremely challenged and want to achieve maximal calorie burn. Do not take this class if you have never done it before.

Why I like it so much, what instructors I have taken/love, etc.

Why Rise? There are a few reasons why I choose Rise over many workouts most of the time…
  1. Time. I love that you can get an amazing, sweat-dripping, and challenging workout in about 30 minutes. Also, most of the time, I prefer doing a 30 minute vs. a 60 minute workout.
  2. Consistency. I have my fair share of favorite instructors I tend to take more often than others, however, in my experience, I have taken a good amount of classes thus far, and feel like I always feel challenged yet motivated by all.
  3. Full Body Workout. No matter what class you take, you are guaranteed a killer full-body workout. Meaning, this machine will work your arms, abs, back, butt and legs.
Like mentioned, I have taken a good amount of classes taught by various instructors. But here is a quick low down of teachers I have taken and recommend:
  • Jason Walsh – is the founder/owner of Rise Nation. If you are ready to take on Level 3 – I recommend signing up for his classes.
  • Dominic Trapani – I love his classes; he plays really good playlists and is always upbeat. If you love working out to hip hop music, I recommend taking his classes!
  • Loui Pacheco – From really upbeat music to extreme high-intensity, there is no doubt you will be leaving with a killer bod afterwards! 🙂
  • Russell Stout – This guy knows how to notch up the workout on a whole ‘nother level; I have taken his level 2 and 3 classes and both are very challenging yet positively sweaty/motivating classes! 
  • Jamie Franco – If you’re down for long strides, good music and only positive vibes, take her class! 🙂
  • Iman Karram – Both energizing and motivating, her classes are just too good. I also love her taste in music. 
Sign up here!

Photography by Sophia Lee

Are you ready to sweat it out? Rise offers new climbers a free class (level 1) – so I recommend taking this opportunity to test the waters; I mean who knows you might just fall in love with it, like me! 
Rise has two locations currently in both West Hollywood and Cleveland, Ohio.
613 North La Cienega Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

1026 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

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