5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Burke Williams Spa

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What better time to relax than to head to the spa – recently I checked out Burke Williams in Hollywood to experience their Pure Relaxation Massage with hot stones last week and it was a real treat! 

Burke Williams Spa has many locations in California – check out if there are any near you here!
I am fortunate enough to live walking distance to their Hollywood location (925 North La Brea). It’s definitely one of my go-to spa spots and I go quite often! It’s the perfect de-stresser and wind down solo or with the girls kind of place.
The Burke Williams Hollywood location is a bit smaller than the others I believe, but they offer many different treatments besides massage and spa such as nail care as well as their amazing custom oil blend station.
If you live in California or are visiting – here are 5 good reasons why you should check out Burke Williams:

1) Relaxing Massages
Like mentioned before, I have had the luxury of experiencing Burke Williams spa more than once; and all of my massages there have been phenomenal. If you follow my on Instagram, you must have seen I received their Pure Relaxation Massage with hot stones last week in Hollywood. The massage is 50 minutes long, and is described as a Swedish massage – you do however have the option to add deep tissue for an additional $25. My masseuse suggested I received deep tissue as it would be more beneficial for my back condition than a regular, which I completely agreed. Given the stress I put on my back, neck and shoulders daily just from working out and sitting at my desk the entire day, those areas were very tight! She did an excellent job releasing any tension and tightness and by the end of my massage I definitely felt amazing!

Other massages you can choose from are deep tissue and sports massage, pregnancy massage and shiatsu. You can choose massage times from 25 minutes to 50 and 80 minutes massages. Massages that are 25 minutes are offered in their Conservatory area, where you can sit and relax and the masseuse will work on either neck/shoulder or arms/hands areas.

2) Feel Extra Fresh with their Facials
My next favorite treatment here is their facials. I believe it’s absolutely necessary for everyone to get a facial every so often. Your face will thank you, trust me. Burke Williams is one of my favorite spas for facials because it’s not only super relaxing but the facialist here are extremely knowledgeable. They always go through everything they are doing before and during the treatment. I always end up falling asleep during the facial treatments because they are just that soothing and relaxing. By the end of it, my face feels so radiant and looks bright and glowy!

3) Wide-Array of Spa Amenities
Whenever I go to a spa, I always assume they have spa amenities — which unfortunately is not always the case. However at Burke Williams, you can always expect to find a nice soothing spa filled with many amenities such as jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Every time I am at Burke Williams, I love to use all of them especially their jacuzzi. It’s definitely a must to use before and after your spa treatments! They also provide guests with cold towels, a variety of refreshments and fruit, as well as full equipped showers, locker rooms and pamper rooms to get ready.

4) Offers Other Amazing Treatments
Each Burke Williams locations offer the same or more treatments – in the Hollywood specifically, in addition to the regular massage and facial treatments, they also offer guests nail treatments as well. I have tried both treatments and I love it. I love that you can spend the whole day at the spa, and then easily get ready for a night out right after with the opportunity to get all glammed up at their salons within the same location.

5) Ultimately the Best Spa in Town
Need I say more? From superior spa treatments to winding down and relaxing in their wide range of spa amenities; Burke Williams is easily one of my ultimate favorite spas here in California. They offer such a soothing, peaceful and relaxing environment that you will want to escape to every so often. Their staff are always so helpful and knowledgeable – and you always will leave feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated.

So what are you waiting for? You should never have an excuse to relax and wind down. It’s always a must to treat yourself once in a good while. Find out more about Burke Williams and book your next appointment here
No matter if you are visiting California or live within location – you should always give yourself a relaxing reward – after all, we all deserve it! 
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