12 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles; the city of angelsInstagram-worthy spots – yep, you heard right. It’s no secret Los Angeles loves to have its picture taken; literally. From gorgeous downtown vibes to scenic nature shots and beachy towns – this city is full of picturesque spots you can’t miss. Whether you are visiting LA or you live here.. Today I am sharing with you my most favorite must-have Instagrammable places you should consider shooting at next.

1. Pasadena City Hall

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From beautiful architecture to natural lighting; this is any photographer’s dream come true. Pasadena City Hall is free to the public and is one spot they allow photographers to shoot (so no security guards trying to stop you). I used to come here a lot when I lived in Glendale, CA a couple of years back. With amazing lighting, clean scenery and versatile spots; Pasadena City Hall is one of my absolute favorites and a definite must to check out if you are looking for a spot to shoot.

2. Griffith Observatory 

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One of LA’s most visited spot to check out – it’s free to the public which means it can get pretty crowded quickly. If you want to get shots with nobody around, best bet is to come at the crack ass of dawn – or 5-6 AM. As I am in not a morning person what-so-ever; I have never came that early but come before it gets real crowded. Why I love Griffith Observatory? Simply because it’s beautiful. You get a full 360 view of Los Angeles, it’s perfect for pictures because it’s white and clean – which as you may know, most Bloggers love.

3. Venice Canals

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This spot is a hidden gem. It’s such a perfect area to take a peaceful stroll and just admire the beauty of this location. Venice Canals is located in Venice; minutes away from Venice boardwalk and the streets of Abbott Kinney. Here you can find colorful charming beach houses, cute bridges, and beautiful canals – perfect for those who are shooting casual beach and summery looks.

4. Beverly Hills

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This is my favorite “easy” photo shoot go-to spot that happens to be nearby. Beverly Hills, it may just have shopping and restaurant vibes, but the high-end glorious stores make for a pretty and posh background. I typically like to shoot in front of the Saint Laurent store or any where down Rodeo Drive – beware though, if you plan on coming early in the morning before the crowd hits, the security is more likely to kick you out if you try shooting closer to the infamous Rodeo Drive cul-de-sack area.

5. Melrose Avenue

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It’s no secret Melrose is the place to shoot – with infamous walls such as the Paul Smith pink wall, Made in LA wall, and Carrera Cafe wall; it makes sense why it’s so damn popular. Though if you want to get away from the crowded areas to shoot, some cute spots I found around there are in front of Fig and Olive, Maxfield, and Alfred Tea Room.

6. Walt Disney Concert Hall

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I really love this location to shoot – the architecture is simply stunning – as well as lighting usually is on point at all times of the day. Walt Disney Concert Hall also offers many different scenery areas when shooting – and what’s nice is that security there is pretty chill and they offer a bathroom to easily change looks inside.

7. Colorado Bridge in Pasadena

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Another hot spot place I use to go to all the time when I lived closer. Disturbingly this bridge is known to be the most suicidal bridge in Los Angeles; however it’s easily a great place to shoot. The Colorado Bridge is a historic concrete arch bridge spanning the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena – I really like it because of the pretty bold lights and the bridge design makes it pretty unique.

8. LACMA Lights

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AKA the infamous Urban Light installation – this is definitely a beauty and is a must-see if you are visiting or living in LA. It’s even prettier at night time; but if you want to just come to take a photo with absolutely nobody around, early mornings are best (when the museum isn’t even open yet).

9. The Platform/Culver City

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I recently just shot here and really like it! The chic and posh plaza makes for a nice and clean background. Once you’re done shooting here, you can make your way to the downtown area of Culver City – plenty of spots to shoot including the Culver Hotel. Once you are finished shooting, definitely make time to check out some hot spots to eat (they have tons to add to your bucket list).

10. Malibu

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Malibu is the nearest spot to just getaway from the LA madness and just sit back, drink wine, relax and enjoy the peaceful ocean views. I absolutely love it there – it always reminds me why I moved here in the first place. Malibu is filled with such breathtaking beach and ocean vibes – so if you’re looking to shoot somewhere less congested and cleaner; Malibu is the spot. Some areas I love are Point Dume Beach and Malibu Pier.

11. Greystone Mansion and Gardens

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This place is quite tricky – like most places, you can’t really shoot without a permit, however, you can easily get away with shooting if you use your iPhone or look like tourists just taking pictures of each other. The whole mansion is installed with cameras, so though it may seem like nobody is around, they are watching. If you’re willing to take some risks, it’s totally worth it because this mansion is extremely photogenic. With countless areas to shoot; you definitely will not be disappointed. It’s also just a great place to take a peaceful stroll and enjoy the luxurious views.

12. Downtown Arts District

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Very artsy vibes – with endless cool and edgy art mural walls; this spot is picture-worthy for photographers. Exploring the area is definitely a must if you’re into unique coffee shops and breweries.

And there you have it – the secrets out! These are just some of my top favorites; luckily for us LA peeps there are way more photography location opportunities as LA is so spread out! What are your favorite spots to shoot in LA? Comment below, would love to hear yours!
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