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It’s crazy how in these past few years I’ve been progressively becoming more active. It all started just a few years ago, I believe year of 2013 when one of my good friends from school pushed me into getting a gym pass with her and ever since then I have been consistent with working out. Of course, moving to LA made such a big difference, and not only was I more active here but I had changed my daily eating habits as well. Eventually, I started noticing positive changes to my body and felt way healthier than I ever did before.

I have to admit though; it’s so easy to fall off the fitness/healthy routine, towards the end of this past year (2016) I definitely did. I can make all the excuses I want, but because I had cancelled my gym membership and had gone back home to Chicago for a few weeks, it had thrown me off my whole weekly routine. With only a few weeks of no physical activity I definitely started noticing changes to not only my body but the way I felt – I was tired, less energetic and overall out of shape.

Then the holidays rolled by, and that sure did not help me. Though making matters worse, every time I go home to Chicago, I eat A LOT as I have less self-control when I’m at home than I do here. But this time around, I made sure to make it to the gym while I was there, and I can definitely say I accomplished that!

As all New Year’s, we all make resolutions, right? Well I typically do, but this year I wanted to set myself up with short and long term goals instead. One of the goals was to eat better overall and no matter what stay active. And when I got back from my long trip back home a few weeks ago, I did just that.

One of my all-time favorite workouts is high intensity interval training classes; I love it because it’s always challenging and you generally always get a great workout out of it. Moving to LA – the city of fitness and health (literally), I discovered so many workout studios that I absolutely love, one of them was a studio in West Hollywood called Burn 60. Burn 60 is a full body interval training studio, where you switch between cardio intervals on the treadmill to strength training routines on the floor. If you’re familiar with Barry’s Bootcamp (also a favorite) then you will LOVE this class as it’s very similar.

At Burn 60 you can choose between 45 minute and 60 minute full body workout classes, designed by expert trainers to efficiently strengthen all muscle groups, maximize calorie burn, increase endurance and boost metabolism. One of the things I love about this studio is that each class is always different, which helps to keep it more interesting and challenging.

When I got back to LA, literally the week after that, I joined the Burn 60 studios. I’m not going to lie my first two weeks were tough!! I barely could run on the treadmill, I thought Barry’s was hard, I thought wrong! This full body workout definitely kicks your butt (in a good way) and works your entire body! It was intense but I enjoyed every single minute of it!

When joining this gym, one of my goals was to
get better at running on the treadmill, as well as get better at running at an incline

And as my last week of Burn 60 approaches, I can definitely say the treadmill is not as dreadful as it was when I first started. With just three weeks in I can totally notice the difference in energy and body transformation. And I am happy to say, I feel like I can run better at a faster speed and on an incline on the treadmill. I’m excited to continue my journey at Burn 60 and finally get the results I have been wanting.

Photography by Saad Hameed

So if you want to get a head start on your New Year fitness resolutions, goals or whatever it may be, Burn 60 is the studio that will definitely help accomplish them! Trust me, you and your body will thank me later 🙂
Make sure you follow me on Snapchat: nancysevilla/Instagram for more! I will be posting final results in a few weeks!
Happy Fitness!

Burn 60 Studios is located in West Hollywood and Brentwood
West Hollywood
8969 Santa Monica Blvd. (Second Level)
West Hollywood, CA 90069

159 South Barrington Place
Los Angeles, CA 90049
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