How to Layer and Style Your BodyBlouse

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The BodyBlouse ‘Sofia’ {c/o} || Pink Cutout Heels || Marciano Silk Dress {old}
Coach Dinky Crossbody Bag {c/o}

When it comes to shopping, I love finding closet pieces that are versatile and can be styled various ways. Though that’s not the case for many things in my closet, it’s still great to know that there are some things in there that I can reuse and style completely differently.

I’d say my style is very girly-like and if you ever walked into my closet you’d mainly find dresses, skirts and sleeveless tops; it’s definitely a summer-filled, dream come true kind of closet, great for Cali weather, but not useful when it comes to seasons like fall or winter. So with a closet filled with mainly summer wear, I had to be creative and think of ways to still wear these pieces during the winter seasons as well. That’s where TheBodyBlouse comes in. The BodyBlouse is an innovative and versatile solution for expanding your wardrobe and transforming any sleeveless dress, top or vest into a new stylish look. This had to be a dream come true.

The BodyBlouse has a selection of different styles and colors to choose from, each offering body shaping comfort and control. When choosing a BodyBlouse style, I thought that the full lace long sleeves in white would be a great versatile piece to add to my closet. In my look today, I chose to simply layer it under one of my favorite white dresses, creating a white one white kind of look (doesn’t it look like it’s one piece?) styled with pops of pink to finish off the look.

The BodyBlouse can be worn easily underneath all your sleeveless dresses, tops and vests, while adding a unique touch to your already existing outfit. Can’t wait to see what other styles I can put together with my BodyBlouse!

Photography by Saad Hameed

How would you style your BodyBlouse?



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The BodyBlouse ‘Sofia’ {c/o} || Pink Cutout Heels || Marciano Silk Dress {old}
Coach Dinky Crossbody Bag {c/o}


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