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Jeans are not exactly something you would find in my closet. True story: I have not owned a pair of jeans in years, I mean YEARS. For those of you reading this now, you’re probably like WOW Nancy is wearing jeans?? 🙂
 I know, it’s crazy! I’m typically wearing skirts or dresses or culottes, but nope guys I’m actually wearing them!

When I was approached to partner up with Lee Jeans to style their jeans, it was a tough decision. I mean, hey, a total opportunity to own a pair, right?? Haha, the main reason why I hate wearing them is because they are just so UNCOMFORTABLE. I much rather prefer leggings over jeans any day.

Moving forward, I agreed, and decided to order their ‘
Modern Series Dream JeanFaith Skinny in the darker color. When I got them in the mail, I loved the wash they sent me, and as I tried them on, I was in shock… These jeans were SO COMFY! And they were a little bit high waisted, which I liked. And to top it all off, I had chosen the correct size so they fit to the T! What are the odds right? Usually when I order pants or jeans online they never fit – and considering I don’t even know my size anymore, it makes it all just impossible.

Back to the jeans – they were literally so comfy it felt like I was in my leggings instead. They have a very stretchy feel and not the typical rough and stiff feel.

When styling these jeans, I definitely didn’t want to just throw on a tee and called it a day; instead I’m wearing this fun ruffle neckstripe shirtdress that I unbuttoned the bottom half to make it look like it’s a top instead of a dress. Creating a unique and tasteful piece to the overall look, pairing it with some chunky beige sandal heels, a pop of neon yellow and fun retro sunnies.

Overall obsessed with this look – and totally will rock in it this upcoming spring! 

These chunky beige heels are the perfect spring/summery piece! I love the chunky heel it makes not only the shoe comfortable but also adds a little fun touch to the shoe!

Photography by: Hannah Bernabe

How do you style your jeans this season?



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