Basic Clothing Items Everyone Needs in Their Wardrobe

basic clothing items

Tired of having to revamp your wardrobe every few months as trends continuously change? It’s time to invest in some basics. While creating a wardrobe full of basics may not sound all that exciting, an array of classic items serves as the perfect foundation of any well-rounded closet. These pieces will help you create a classic and versatile wardrobe that will withstand the test of time and allow you to create numerous different looks. Plus, you can always supplement basics with a few trendy pieces to spice up your outfits. Without further ado, here are some basic clothing items everyone needs in their wardrobe.

A Plain White T-Shirt

A plain white T-shirt is the ultimate layering piece and an essential in anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you want to wear it under a cardigan or tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans, a plain white T-shirt can be worn virtually any day of the year. Plus, a plain white T-shirt is the perfect basic to wear with statement pieces that may seem a little too busy without the simplicity of the neutral tee to balance it out. 

A Black Faux Leather Jacket

Another basic clothing item that everyone needs in their wardrobe is a black faux leather jacket. Leather jackets can add an element of edge to any outfit and the thick texture helps create depth and intrigue. When choosing what to wear with a leather jacket you really can’t go wrong. This classic clothing item looks good when layered over pretty much anything—from a flowing floral dress to a T-shirt and pair of jeans.

A Button-Up Shirt

A classic button-up shirt is another wardrobe essential that everyone should have. Button-ups can easily be dressed up or down so that you can wear them almost anywhere—from a night out with friends to your corporate job. To look effortlessly polished, simply wear the button-up on its own or layer it underneath a sweater.

Dark Wash Jeans

One style of bottoms that is unlikely to ever go out of style is a pair of dark wash jeans. Dark wash jeans are one of the most versatile clothing items in existence. Pair them with a blouse and heels and you’re ready for a formal night out. Want something a little more casual? Pair them with a T-shirt and sneakers. There is really no end to the number of outfit combinations that you can create with a pair of dark wash jeans.

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