5 Types of Handbags Every Woman Needs

Handbags Every Woman Needs Cover

Handbags are essential staples for every woman’s closet. Whether you’re handbag obsessed or accessories minimalist, there are types of handbags every woman should own. Here are 5 types of handbags every woman needs in her life:

1. Tote Bag

A classic tote is a must to add to your wardrobe. This is the bag you consider as your everyday bag, whether you’re headed to work or running errands, this tote will be by your side. 

Your tote bag is most likely going to be the most used, therefore I would invest in a tote bag that will last and which you really love. I love this one too!

2. Tailored Workbag

Calling all businesswomen! A bag you must have for all your important job interviews and business meetings is a nice tailored work bag. This bag will complete that classy and sophisticated look you’re going for. It will also be roomy enough to carry your portfolio, business files, laptop, and other work essentials.

3. Travel Bag

If you’re a big traveler like me or always on the go, travel bags are your best friend. Find one that fits all your travel essentials — it will be totally worth it!

4. Statement Bag

Because we ALL need one, OKKK?! I’m a statement kind of girl, but if you’re not, it’s okay too! Statement bags make every outfit fun! You can choose from a brightly colored bag to an eccentric detailed and fun shape — whatever it may be, it’s sure to make that outfit POP! 

5. Clutch Bag

Girl — you know you don’t want to be lugging around a large tote all day, right? That’s when clutches come in handy. A clutch bag is always a great staple for night outs and special occasions like weddings. My favorite brand for any everyday clutches is Dagne Dover – shop their clutches here.

Get yourself a classic neutral clutch that goes well will most of your wardrobe pieces.

Which type of handbag is your favorite go-to? Let me know if the comments below!



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