8 Glorious Uses for a Delicious Jar of Jam

8 Glorious Uses for a Delicious Jar of Jam


One thing you’re sure to find in many refrigerators is one of the most-used condiments: jam! Many people use jam as a sweet, satisfying spread on toast. However, these eight glorious uses for a delicious jar of jam will give you additional ideas to try in your kitchen the next time you have guests over!

Salad Dressing

You can sweeten and balance the flavor of a salad with leftover jam. To prepare salad dressing with jam, add some vinegar, olive oil, mustard, herbs, pepper, and salt to the jar of jam. Shake well to blend and pour over salad greens.

Meaty Dishes

Although jam is known for its sweeter notes, it can make a perfect ingredient in meals containing meat. If you’re preparing chicken and veggies for supper, add jam to your meal the same way you would add sauce. This will make your chicken subtly sweet and deliciously sticky. You can marinate your meat in advance, or you can add the jam during the cooking process if you don’t want to miss out on the crispiness!

Favorite Cocktails

If you’re a fan of homemade cocktails, jam can give a gin or vodka cocktail a hint of fruity flavor. In addition, it’ll give your drink a bright pinky-red color for added fun! Don’t forget to shake well for the ingredients to mix, and serve with a twist of lemon or some fiery ginger, especially if you’ve used blackcurrant jam.

Cake and Cooking Filling

Spread a thin layer of jam between two cookies, or add a dollop of jam in the center of one. You can also use jam as filling in a white cake or spread a thin mixture of jam and lemon juice over top to glaze the cake.


If you’re looking for a honey substitute in porridge, a spoonful of jam can make for a sweet, fruity addition to this traditional morning meal. Breakfast has never been this delicious!

Homemade Jam Syrup

Instead of using maple syrup topping on your pancakes, mix jam with boiling water. It will create a thin, syrupy texture to pour over your bed of hotcakes!

Cheese Platters

If you thought your cheese plate was already delicious, you haven’t achieved a fancy snack until you put a jar of jam on the plate. Jam and cheese complement each other because the jam adds a delicate, sweet component to the plate.

Flavored Yogurt

If you like sweet yogurt, try stirring jam into plain yogurt to add a burst of extra flavor. You can do this with ice cream as well.

No matter which seasonal flavors of jam you try, your dishes will instantly level up! Trying new things in the kitchen can be fun, and with these eight glorious uses for a delicious jar of jam to try, you’ll enjoy your traditional meals just a little bit more.

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