Different Ways To Style Sweaters This Winter

Different Ways To Style Sweaters This Winter


When it comes to looking stylish, some items are wardrobe staples. But other must-have garments shift from season to season. While sundresses and shorts are ideal for spring and summer, nothing beats a cozy sweater when things cool down. Thanks to the variety and versatility of this clothing garment, you can create looks for nearly every occasion. So jot down these different ways to style sweaters this winter!

Understand the Styles

Sweaters are a broad category and include everything from sweater dresses to turtlenecks. Some are thinner, and some have thicker knit compositions. Finding the best sweaters for your collection depends on your preferred style. While some people love cardigans, others prefer oversized sweaters. As you look around at the different types, remember to consider the color of each garment and purchase what looks best on you as well.

Pro Styling Tip

Sometimes, it’s best to use neutral or monochromatic clothing so that you can add some flair with personal touches like jewelry or a belt.

Pair It With Accessories

The best accessories take any outfit to the next level while also letting you give everything you wear a bit of personality. The next time you put on your favorite sweater, consider adding the following:

  • A cute pair of boots: Everything from knee-high to ankle boots can look excellent.
  • A stylish blazer: If you have a neutral sweater, search for a blazer with a pop of color, and vice versa.
  • Statement jewelry: Necklaces are especially beneficial for showing off your neckline.

As far as closet staples go, another top item to add to your winter wardrobe is a stylish pair of boots. Yes, you may need some snow boots, but don’t stop there. Instead, buy a pair that you’ll want to show off throughout the snowy season because they keep your feet toasty and look great!

Layer Your Outfit

It can feel freezing outside in the winter, and sweaters are perfect for layering. You could wear a jacket over your sweater, or you could also wear it over a plain blouse for a classic and trendy look.

Pick the Perfect Bottoms

A different way to style sweaters this winter is to pair them with various pants. You’ll find that leggings versus colorful jeans can make a world of difference. Many people wear sweater dresses with leggings or tights, while others like pairing cardigans with jeans or more formal trousers.

Consider wearing your style with a midi skirt. In this cute outfit, you can tuck your sweater into the waistline and add a belt to hide the “seam” while drawing attention to your waist! Remember, what’s most important is that you wear something you love.

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