5 Fun Activities to Do in Macau for First-Timers

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Macau was Europe’s only colony of China, creating a blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures. This resulted in a fusion of languages, architecture, and cuisines — which now date back to 400 years. Despite being a tiny region, Macau’s unique history means there’s something to do for every kind of traveler — whether you’re looking for something laid-back, adventurous, or historical. If it’s your first time visiting, here are some fun activities you should add to your Macau bucket list:

See the luxurious casinos

Around the world, Macau is known for being China’s answer to Las Vegas — with its casino industry making up 80% of its economy. But according to TheConversation.com, it has even dethroned the City of Lights as the casino capital of the world. Just a few of their top casinos include The Venetian Macao and Grand Lisboa. But even if you aren’t an avid gamer, Poker.org explains that casinos are home to several tourist experiences. For starters, you can go on a gondola ride along with The Venetian’s Venice canal replicas. If you’re looking for a view, you can also go on a free cable car ride at the Wynn Palace. Of course, the foodies will be happy to know that these casinos also have world-class restaurants you can try.

Fill your day with amazing shows

Macau isn’t known as the “Vegas of Asia” just for its casinos. They also put on incredible shows. For starters, you can check out the world-famous Fortune Diamond Light Show, which is held eight times a night at the Galaxy Hotel. Another fantastic show you shouldn’t miss is The House of Dancing Water, held at the City of Dreams, including acrobatics, motorcycle stunts, and high dives. Even if you don’t have any plans to watch any of the shows, you’re still bound to come across one — such as the Wynn Hotel’s pyrotechnics and water art show held in the pond outside their entrance.

Visit the Casa Do Mandarim

Often called “Mandarin’s House,” this place was once owned by late Qing dynasty reformist and scholar Zheng Guanying. TheTacho.com describes it as one of the most precious cultural heritage sites in Macau. Stepping foot into the Casa Do Mandarim makes you feel like you’ve just entered the distant past, with the interiors giving visitors a glimpse into how people lived back in the day. Despite heavy construction efforts to save the house, the restoration specialists and older residents could make it as historically accurate as possible.

Watch the giant pandas

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park isn’t the only one that has giant pandas. Seac Pai Van Park is an ecological park that houses flora and fauna and educates visitors about nature conservation. Their Flora Garden houses a zoo with primates and birds together with various plants. But the main attraction is the giant panda viewing pavilion, where you have at most an hour to watch them. However, keep in mind that the pavilion mimics ideal living conditions for the panda to get chilly.

Go on a food trip at Taipa Village

Taipa Village is a very diverse area for food. It’s a great place to hunt for authentic and delicious street food, such as Portuguese egg tarts and pork buns. There’s also musang king (durian) ice cream and traditional Chinese style dried meat. MacauLifestyle.com mentions that Taipa Village has many hidden gems — such as Adega Velha, which is perfect for first-timers thanks to its wide selection. Indeed, food is one way to learn about a place’s culture, and Taipa Village certainly offers an abundance of it.

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