Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: The Most Comfortable Fashion Styles

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: The Most Comfortable Fashion Styles


Whoever came up with the phrase “Beauty is pain,” wasn’t kidding—there are some super stunning yet highly uncomfortable clothing out there. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa, there’s a niche world of clothing to suit your preference. Just in time for summer, we explore the most comfortable fashion styles to get into.

The Fashion-Forward Athlete (or Couch Potato): Athleisure

With a drastic increase of individuals working remotely over the past year, athleisure’s popularity has skyrocketed—and for good reason. Its name is a combination of “athletic” and “leisure,” prompting wearers to combine a few sporty basics into their everyday attire.

Whether you want to adopt athleisure for active versatility or optimal loungewear, this fashion style is for anybody and everybody. Some worthy clothing items to get you started include:

  • Joggers
  • Cropped crewnecks
  • Bombers
  • High-waisted bike shorts

Fashion Hack: Since the athleisure style is more casual, keeping your apparel crisp and clean adds style points and enables you to wear these items elsewhere than just 7:00 am Pilates.

Breezy Does It: Boho Fashion

Creating a boho look is one of the best decisions you’ll make this summer. A trend that prioritizes loose-fitting silhouettes and light materials, boho chic is one of the most comfortable fashion styles you’ll ever adopt.

For those who enjoy mixing and matching, boho fashion may be for you. Boho utilizes a variety of patterns and textiles, leaving the door open for fun and carefree combinations of clothing that just work.

Fashion Hack: Boho style encourages layering, especially when it comes to jewelry. Take advantage of your accessorizing freedoms by upgrading your jewelry collection.

Night Out on the Town? Blazer Up, Dress Down

If you’ve ever fretted that your outfit isn’t formal enough to wear to dinner reservations or work, may we introduce you to: the oversized blazer. Hailing from the 1980s, the oversized blazer has made an impressive comeback as a comfortable yet fashion-forward everyday option.

All you need to pair with a trim blazer is your favorite tee and jeans. Though high-waisted pants offer a more “put-together” look with a blazer, feel free to opt for the jeans that make you most comfortable. Charming gold hoops often make a great addition to the relaxed yet refined look of the oversized blazer.

Fashion Hack: Another simple way to elevate the blazer look is to pair it with a fresh pair of sneakers. Nike, Reebok, Adidas—many brands offer gym shoes that are both attractive and comfortable. If you’re not a high-heel person, you can enjoy your night out without worrying about a busted ankle.

What Matters Most with Comfortable Fashion Styles?

Honestly, what matters most is the fact that you’re comfortable- both physically and mentally! So, what makes you feel comfortable? Is it jeans and a blazer? Is it an oversized T-shirt? Maybe it’s a certain way you do your hair? When it comes to being in style, at the end of the day, it’s really about what makes you feel comfortable. 

Sometimes, it could be having a gorgeous smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry (since this is usually one of the most important aspects for people looking for confidence). Other times, it could be the fact that you can properly express yourself. So, just think of these things. What makes you feel comfortable? What makes you feel like you’re truly you- the real you?

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