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In the past year, a lot has changed in my life on a positive note. One of the many things that changed was that I have continued to exercise on a regular basis. Throughout my years living here, I have lived in a building with a decent gym but never had the strength and motivation to continue working out. Just this past winter my old roommate and I bought a boot camp package, and since then I have been continuously going to the gym or to workout classes at least 2-5 times a week. In result I have been feeling so much more energized and great about myself ever since.

This past month I had a great opportunity to try some of Chicago’s workout studios, thanks to ClassPass. ClassPass recently launched in Chicago this past month, and with just $99/month you get unlimited access to many studios, to name a few, Flywheel, Pure Barre, Exhale, Shred 415, Air Foundation. It’s an awesome deal, and totally worth getting one! 
Each week I took a class, and fell in love with a few! These classes included Flywheel, Exhale, Shred, Air Foundation, and Sweat on State. I have to say that my most favorite workout overall was Shred415. It’s probably because you actually work out hard core and are burning a good amount of calories. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Shred, it’s an interval training high intensity workout, where you alternate between cardio and weight training. Yes it sounds terrifying, especially because I am not a huge fan of running on a treadmill, however when the lights are off, loud music is playing, mirrors all around, while the teacher is yelling at you to keep up makes it totally motivational. 
One of the most recent classes I took was Air Yoga at the Air Foundation. Sara from Project Soiree took this class with me, not realizing how difficult it is! This class takes a lot of upper body strength which I clearly do not have! But regardless, it was an experience and definitely a fun time! Maybe some day I will have the strength to hold myself upside down.

I also had more workout opportunities from Equinox, where I had a chance to try out a new way of running, precision running and had fun dancing in one of their dance classes! Equinox provides a wide variety of classes to take such as barre, yoga, spin, boot camps, and dance classes. Just recently they launched a class called Precision Running. This class leads you to an efficient, precisely designed intervals on the treadmill to hit every muscle on your body. Last Thursday Elizabeth from Adrian-James, Kari from Chicagoings and I attended their exclusive sneak peak.
Again, running on the treadmill doesn’t sound so pleasing. But I learned a lot on how you should run on the treadmill, and this class most definitely will help you in the long run. Afterwards we were rewarded with healthy snacks and delicious juices from Real Good Juice Co.

It’s been a great and sweaty month! Sadly, my ClassPass will be ending this week, so I want to get in as many classes as possible! On the side note, check out these cute and affordable workout clothing from Forever21, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look cute in active wear! 
Have a great week loves!
Fancy Nancista

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