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I may look young, but I am actually 5 years away from being 30! Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday with good friends, and I still can’t believe I am this old. I know some of you may not think that 25 is not old, but it’s crazy how fast these years fly right by!

My 24 years had it’s ups and downs but mostly ups. Like in my last post I mentioned many things changed for the better, which is true. I also made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my New Year’s Resolution post. It hasn’t been a year yet but I would say I accomplished 9 out of the 10 resolutions already! Someone mentioned last night that I should do something “extravagant” or “really memorable” this year. 24 was great, but now onto 25 which will be filled with more epic memories!
went to chicago q for dinner.

drinks at tavern on rush.
outfit details //
akira bodycon dress. [similar look]
forever 21 cheetah print purse. [similar look]
I celebrated my birthday this past weekend at the Godfrey hotel, super fun and memorable =). Thanks to everyone that came out! Love you all!

had my hair done at glow out salon in the west loop.


birthday goodies.


my girlies.
outfit details //
forever 21 clutch.
aminah abdul bow heels.
Thank you everyone for making my day oh-so special. I know that 25 might not be a great number, but when you have great friends and family, it all makes it worth while.
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