Why Certain Clothes Go in and Out of Style

Why Certain Clothes Go in and Out of Style


Fashion trends can be difficult to follow and predict for the average person. Beauty and fashion trends are always rapidly changing, but have you ever wondered why? Here are some of the sources and reasons why certain clothes go in and out of style as frequently as they do.

Runway Fashion

It all starts on the runway during worldwide fashion events, such as the fashion week runway events in Paris, Milan, London, and New York. These events and the designs they showcase set the stage for that season’s fashion trends to come. You’ll often find certain colors, patterns, materials, and styles that appear on the runway start to crop up in consumer fashion due to their mass appeal and popularity. The anticipation of waiting for a new runway reveal is a big part of modern fashion trends. And runway fashions are constantly changing, leading to certain design aspects going in and out of style. For example, vintage and popular distressed fashion found its roots in a Met Gala event.

Celebrity Fashion

Celebrity fashion has one of the biggest influences on modern fashion. From Hollywood celebrities to musical artists to influencers, stars of all kinds are tremendously popular in today’s media. In a social media-driven digital age, we can keep up with celebrity fashion trends more than ever. Due to this popularity, it’s only natural that celebrity fashion would make its way into everyday fashion for consumers.

Consumer Fashion

Because celebrities have such a massive influence on fashion, their styles trickle down into trends that we see every day with the average consumer. When we notice certain clothing styles and trends becoming popular with our peers, we start to take note. Consumer fashion trends also influence our purchases and how we consider whether something is “in style.” Have you ever made a clothing purchase because you saw one of your friends wearing the same thing? This is how clothing trends thrive for long periods of time.

If you run an apparel business yourself, you can use these trend spotting guidelines to prepare for next season’s fashion trends. Or, if you’re just trying to stay on top of the latest fashion for your wardrobe, now you might better understand why certain clothes go in and out of style.

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