Things To Consider When You Move to an Island

Things To Consider When You Move to an Island


Who wouldn’t want to live in paradise on a tropical island? While it looks like the time of your life, moving to an island may not always be the practical decision for you and your family. Before you make a decision, don’t forget the things you should consider when moving to an island so that you can ensure this is the best choice for you.

Cost of Living

When you’re moving from the mainland to an island, the cost of living will increase because it takes more effort to get supplies and products there. While many things can be made locally on the island, some products must be imported to sustain your lifestyle. Keep this cost factor in mind when you’re moving to an island so that you can adjust your budget accordingly.

Prepare for a Culture Shock

If you’ve lived in the same area your entire life, you’re in for some culture shock when you move to an island. American culture is vastly different from Caribbean culture—even the state of Hawaii has a different culture than mainland America. How you experience life and go about your day on the island could be completely different from your previous life. Get to know the culture before moving so that you can prepare yourself better.

Expect Extra Repairs Home Repairs

The weather can be very temperamental when you live on an island. Because of this, you may need extra repairs on your home from time to time to fix damage caused by a storm. While there won’t always be a storm, being secluded and surrounded by water can cause more harm than if you were on the mainland.

Think Practical

Do you really want to build a life on an island, or do you just want to vacation there? Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that living on an island will be luxurious and carefree, only to realize the many other factors that go into this move, like cultural differences, costs, etc. Be practical when you begin your journey and consider the many variables before moving to an island.

Choosing to up and move your family and belongings is a major decision; ensure you are 100 percent ready for this move before taking the leap. Island life is vastly different from your current situation—never choose to move until you’ve looked at every possible angle and factor.

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