The Most Popular Fall Colors for Nail Polish in 2021

The Most Popular Fall Colors for Nail Polish in 2021


One of the best parts about the change of seasons is the change in nail color. Our fingers and toes look forward to something new, and who doesn’t love rich, fall colors? Say goodbye to ballet pink—fall has something new in store. Let’s talk about the most popular fall colors for nail polish in 2021.

Pass the Cranberries Please

Red is always in style, but the tone of red matters. Some reds, like cherry red are way too confident to ever step aside. Still, this fall, the hottest red is a gentle cranberry shade. Cranberry red has a richness to it that’s sophisticated yet bold.

The Darkest Teal

Yes, teal. We are so glad dark teal is with us this fall. If you’ve never tried it, you must. It’s beautiful and looks great with every skin tone. Dark teal is like a dark green with blue undertones. Simply gorgeous!

Yummy Milk Chocolate

The world of nails has enjoyed browns for years now, but it just got delicious. The shade of brown this fall is milk chocolate. Imagine melted milk chocolate pouring out of a dish. That’s the brown you’re looking for. Pair it with your favorite jeans and comfiest sweater, and you’ll look perfect for the fall.

Blue as the Sky

Oh, how we love blues. This fall, complement your brown and orange fall wardrobe with the softest sky blues on your nails. The contrast is perfect and reminds us that autumn isn’t all about dark colors.

Barely Grey

For this season, try the lightest grey you can find. Greys tend to come in a matte finish, giving the nails a mysterious and unique look. We love it because grey is neutral but far from boring.

The Glamour of Fuchsia

There’s something about fuchsia—that bright pink that never goes out of style. It screams tropical, bold, and feminine. Sure, tropical doesn’t remind us of fall, but that’s what makes fuchsia so fun. Keep them guessing this season and give yourself a little pick me up when you need it with the brightest, glossiest fuchsia you can find.

Gentle Olive Green

We love the earthy feel olive green brings. It’s daring yet calming. Olive green is dark enough to look like you take chances, but soft enough to say gentle and approachable. And let’s face it—olive green on your fingers is just plain sexy. Yes, a color can do all of that.

Don’t Forget Your Toes

Our toes aren’t seen too often in the fall, so as we discuss nail colors, we imagine our fingers. Still, imagine a sky blue on your darling toes?

The cooler seasons are rough on our feet so remember to treat them well. Keep the dry skin at bay with exfoliation and remember your feet need lotion just as much as your hands. Keep up those pedicures when your feet need them the most and enjoy the most popular fall colors for nail polish in 2021 on your toes as well as your fingers.

Enjoy these fun new nail colors for the fall season as you offer yourself a little self-care in the form of beautiful toes and fingers.

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