Reasons Why Jewelry Is Important in Today’s Fashion

Reasons Why Jewelry Is Important in Today’s Fashion


Fashion trends will fade, but you’ll find that jewelry has been a steadfast accessory to which humans have turned for centuries. Nothing makes quite the statement like a perfectly poised ring or a brilliantly shimmering diamond necklace. As Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” Let’s explore a few of the reasons why jewelry is important in today’s fashion.

It Creates New Looks

If you have a favorite shirt that you wear often, jewelry allows you to wear the same shirt, dress, or sweater every day and make it look different. If you’re going for a formal look, try some gold studs or a pair of drop earrings. If you want to try boho, throw on a few chunky bangles and stack rings. For something more casual, look relaxed with a set of pom-pom or tassel earrings.

It Sparks Conversations

There’s a reason why certain jewelry pieces are called conversation-starters. Jewelry is bold, powerful, and unforgettable. If I say, “Heart of the Ocean,” almost everyone will know exactly what piece of jewelry I’m talking about. That gorgeous necklace will live on forever and inspire conversations wherever it goes.

It Brings Confidence

When worn the right way, jewelry has an undeniable way of bringing out the best in a person’s features and personality. Jewelry is imperative for a lot of people because it makes them feel confident, stylish, and memorable. An unforgettable experience happens when you put on your favorite diamond necklace or some jaw-dropping sapphire earrings—but feeling confident doesn’t have to cost a lot.

It’s a Good Investment

Many jewelry items hold their value across multiple generations. This is why they make fantastic family heirlooms. For example, diamonds are hot commodities, and it’s been this way for centuries. People have sought them regardless of the economy or societal standards. You can also use a diamond from one piece to create something more to your tastes.

Gold is another jewelry staple that, like diamonds, has been around a long time and that holds its value. Gold keeps its value even better than money, which fluctuates with the economy.

You Can Wear It for Any Occasion

Birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday party—these are just a few examples of events where you can get dressed up and adorn yourself with jewelry. But to be honest, you don’t need an occasion to wear jewelry. Most people—myself included—wear some type of jewelry every day. My earrings only come out if I’m changing them. I also have a set of bracelets for everyday wear.

If, like me, you wear jewelry every day, taking care of your beloved jewelry pieces is essential. Ensure you’re storing it properly to avoid unknowingly damaging it.

It Accentuates Your Personality

Jewelry is one of the best ways to show off your personality and express who you truly are. It allows your creativity to shine and individuality to blossom.

Jewelry can also elevate an outfit to its highest potential. It’s no longer just jewelry—it’s a piece of art. For the reasons I’ve mentioned and many more, jewelry remains important in today’s fashion.

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