The ‘It’ Dress

Fancy Nanc-ista

The “It Dress” – the dress that perfectly fits your figure, the dress that always gets compliments on and the dress that easily makes you feel sexy, classy and all around good. When I first laid eyes on this dress on the Tobi site, I automatically fell in love. This dress was the perfect outfit to wear for any occasion, my birthday, a friend’s wedding, etc. Now, I’m not going to lie, I’m usually a fan of colored and textured/printed dresses, but this dress was special to me. I just love the beautifully sheered asymmetrical bottom cut, which creates a more playful and sexier feel. 
To make the dress pop a bit, I paired it with striking accessories such as this beautiful gold twisted rhinestone choker {which by the way is stunning for special occasions!!}, glamorous sequined strapped heels and a glistening metallic clutch.

I’m definitely excited to style this dress a bit more! You can get this beautiful dress 50% off if you’re a new user! Also you can find this gorgeous choker and more by visiting Planet Rhinestone‘s Etsy store, and get 5% off discount when you use ‘NANCY5′ at check out!! 


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