The Benefits of a Bold New Look

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From time to time, we all like a bit of pampering. There is more than enough responsibility and duty in the average life, and although that has its compensations, the truth of the matter is that sometimes, it’s nice to have something … nice. While self-care can be overplayed when we talk about pampering – it’s always better for you to have an extra hour in bed or a day away from your inbox than to have material items – the chance to have a change is also important. Doing something just for you can be exciting, and without that thrill, life can get monotonous.

That being the case, having a makeover once in a while is certainly a worthwhile thing. It’s not because you need it – in fact, it’s often better for the fact that you don’t need it and will simply enjoy it – but changing things around can be a springboard to feeling more enthused about life in general. And if you’re going to go for a new look, there are certainly benefits to actually really going for it. Let’s look at the benefits of going for a genuinely bold new look.

You should do something just for you

There is nothing inherently wrong with going for highlights or lowlights when you have your hair done. Any trip to a place like the Alchemy Salon is cause for celebration, because you will come out feeling refreshed. But going for something more dramatic can be genuinely liberating. Ask any K-Pop fan about the words that get exchanged breathlessly online when an idol goes for a bright red or electric blue dye job. Often, the best thing to do with your hair is go for a color that could never possibly be natural – it’s an exciting statement. Worst case scenario, you have to wash it out and start over again. It’s just hair. The point is that you’re doing something you want to do.

You’re never too young or too old to play with your look

A lot of people feel like experimentation with your look is something that is best done in your teens and twenties, and by the time your fourth decade rolls around you should have settled on something. That’s nonsense. We’re on this planet, ideally, for several decades and the idea that we should have around a third of that time available for playing around – and then spend the rest of it trying to maintain one look – is suffocating. As long as you like the experimentation that’s involved, a bright new outfit or a daring cut is as appropriate on your 50th birthday as it is on your 15th.

It genuinely starts conversations

If you’re going to have a new haircut, buy a new outfit, or play around with accessories, you could do it in an understated way. But it’s really no bad thing to do something that people will notice. If you’ve gone for an emerald green dye job, people are going to mention it in a way they won’t bother to if you just have your roots done. You can then talk about why you chose the color, what it means to you, and why you decided to take the plunge and go for a radical change. You can reveal a side of yourself that people are keen to know, which is never a bad thing.

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