SEO and Trends for Better eCommerce

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Running an online eCommerce business relies heavily on SEO and trends to attract customers. But you may not know much about this. So, here are some pointers to get started.

Understand How Your Niche Works

Finding your niche can be a job in itself. But you need to come up with one that works well for your business, as 70% of web users find what they need using organic search results. So you need to keep up with trends in your business niche and follow your audience as they follow you. For instance, you can leverage social media trends in your niche, such as offering deals on nose piercing when it spikes at a certain time of year, probably in the summer for vacations.

Never Assume Keywords

Keywords are essential for boosting your SEO. And you should always use keywords across your entire business online, from your blog posts, meta descriptions and even in your information and Google My Business pages. Yet you will waste time if you assume keywords because they are dynamic and change with trends. So always use a reliable keyword tool such as Jaaxy, UberSuggest, and Semrush. Sorry to say, but all of the free ones aren’t all that great.

Use SEO and Trends in Videos

You should apply SEO methods such as keywords across all of your media. You can really boost your traffic, socials, and video platforms by doing this. Of course, any marketing strategies should be timed to take advantage of current trends (try using Google Trends) and published accordingly. This is because YouTube videos are now included in search engine results pages. So, if you have a high-tending, SEO-optimized video, it will likely show at the top of a search.

Stay True to Your Brand

It can be tempting to spread yourself all over trending topics in your niche. But you can spread yourself too thin. One thing that can happen is you end up doing too much work as you try to take advantage of every trend. But this usually results in lower-quality content. And this will damage your overall SERPs and SEO score in engines such as Google. It’s also best to avoid certain platforms depending on your business, such as B2B ads on TikTok, that won’t work.

Time Engagement and Use It Well

Audience engagement is one of the most vital parts of running an online brand these days. First, you must know your audience in terms of what they expect and play to demographics. You can acquire this data with surveys and polls. But you should also use trends for engagement, and timing is key. Often, you need to act fast to capitalize on a trend, and 24 hours is usually the max. But engaging with your audience means you can easily identify any incoming ones.


SEO and trends can work hand in hand for your eCommerce business. You make better use of these when you know your niche well, use them across all media, and time your engagement.

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