Sweating It Out with Pommello Sweats

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“Good things come to those who sweat.”

When I work out I always look forward to a good sweat. One of my favorite workouts to do is HIIT training; it’s intense but you are ALWAYS guaranteed a challenging and sweatytime. Though, it’s good to change it up a bit and do less intense classes like yoga or barre on occasion, but I tend to strive towards a fast, calorie and sweat burning workout instead.
 Recently I discovered a brand that solves all of your sweat problems {literally}. This line called Pommello Sweats develops fitness apparel that uses patent-pending fabric to help generate heat and increase sweat in a short period of time. So whether you’re going for a walk around the park, lifting weights or sprinting up an incline on the treadmill, this apparel enables you to sweat easily and effectively. In short, gives you all the same detox benefits as a sauna or hot yoga session!!

When I was approached to try Pommello Sweats, I was totally interested! Such an interesting concept – I was super ecstatic to test this apparel out!

I tried the pieces out separately (mainly because I didn’t want to look too sweaty during my fitness classes) and within just 10-15 minutes I started to feel results – extra sweaty I mean! It wasn’t that gross-too-sweaty feeling though, it felt great actually, like you’re actually burning more calories/fat!!

The attire is quite fitted, but is very comfortable! The top has a nicely built-in bra, which comes in handy!

Overall, I would recommend this apparel! It’s a great way to sweat it out no matter what you’re doing! Pommello Sweats is an amazing concept and is a great way to detoxify your body through a natural process of sweating, while improving athleticism through the principles of hyperthermic conditioning.

Learn more about PommelloSweats and its detoxifying effects here!


Photography by Saad Hameed

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