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Zaful Crochet Dress {c/o} || Zaful Red Leather Jacket {c/o} || Nicole Lee Quilted Clutch
Shady Vision Sunglasses {c/o} || Daniel Wellington Watch {c/o}

One way to get people to notice you, is to wear red on red. {haha} Red is clearly one of my favorite colors! It’s a luscious, sexy and bold color to wear. It somehow can turn a casual look into a dressy look!


Photography by Saad Hameed

Are you bold enough to wear all red? :-*


Fancy Nancy

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Zaful Crochet Dress {c/o} || Zaful Red Leather Jacket {c/o} || Nicole Lee Quilted Clutch
Shady Vision Sunglasses {c/o} || Daniel Wellington Watch {c/o}


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