Strategies for de-Cluttering Your Closet

Strategies for de-Cluttering Your Closet

You wake up in the morning, at least an hour earlier than you would prefer to, and get ready to face the day. But all you’re really facing is a closet so messy that the mere thought of picking your outfit almost enough to make you give up and go back to bed. This is no way to start the day. If this describes your situation, it’s time to overhaul your closet from top to bottom. Here are some strategies for de-cluttering your closet so you can begin each day with style, confidence, and calmness. 

Storage Bins

Every shirt doesn’t have to go on a hanger. Pack your T-shirts, workout clothes, and other more casual articles into cubical canvas storage bins, which will take up much less space. If you’re worried about finding the right shirt in a bin, you can tip it on its side and stack the shirts so that they’re all at eye level!

Start Stacking

For minimum clutter and maximum visibility, dedicate a long shelf in your closet for stacking up your sweaters and jeans. Don’t waste drawer space on sweaters, which can easily stack up without getting wrinkled or deformed. Definitely don’t hang them: they take up valuable space on the line and can lose their shape from hanging. 

Streamline Your Accessories

It’s the little things that count—and it’s the little things that can cause the most disorganization in your closet. Sunglasses, belts, costume jewelry, purses, and tote bags all have a way of appearing, or not appearing, in the strangest places within your closet. A few little lifehacks can add a great deal of space to your closet. A belt hanger, whether it goes on your rack, on the wall, or inside the door, not only keeps all your belts in one place, it extends their lifespans by storing them properly.

Think Vertically

The key to maximizing space in your closet is and reducing clutter is to constructively use all possible space from floor to ceiling. Identify dead space beneath hanging clothes and devote it to shoes or well-organized accessories. Make the most of your closet doors by hanging shoes on the door and using a hook for purses. Keep your most popular articles of clothing at eye level, but don’t let space go to waste.

Learn to Let Go

One of the biggest causes of closet clutter isn’t messes or a clunky layout—it’s simply having too much of a good thing. If you’ve optimized your storage space through these strategies for de-cluttering your closet but still find space at a premium, it may be time to part with some lesser-worn articles of clothing. Whether you’re donating well-worn clothes or reselling clothes you never wore enough, you should consider packing them and, if necessary, moving them out of your closet altogether. 

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