Simple Ways To Elevate Your Party

Simple Ways To Elevate Your Party


Do party balloons and streamers just not do it for you anymore? Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative options for decorating your party. Spice up your next festivity with these few simple ways to elevate your party.

Personalized Drinks

Make each guest feel recognized by personalizing their drink glass. With tassels and mini name plates, you can turn any plain glass into an extravagant custom gift for guests. Mason jars are perfect for personalizing and can be reused for all your future parties.

Exciting DIY Décor

A little creativity and patience go a long way. There are tons of ways to explore your crafty side when getting ready for a party. Here are a few DIY decorations that will make your party stand out.

Insta-Worthy Wall

Make your party Insta-worthy by creating an engaging wall background for fun pictures. Bright, festive backdrops are a quick and easy way to offer ample photo opportunities to your guests.

Welcoming Balloon Arch

Balloon fixtures are exciting statement pieces that any party can benefit from. Learn how to DIY a balloon arch as a crafty challenge for yourself.

Celebratory Streamers

If you’re bored of settling for ready-made streamers, try making your own! Using mylar, you can create unique fringe streamers to line your walls. You can cater the colors, thickness, and fringe length to your liking.

Pretty Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are inexpensive and easy to make. With a variety of designs to choose from, there are plenty of different options for uniquely illuminating your party.

Glitter Banner

Even the most laid-back dinner parties can utilize a fun banner. A simple “Cheers” or “HBD” in bold glitter hanging on the wall or doorframe is an exciting welcome for your guests.

Festive Foods

Did you know that you can use snacks as simple ways to elevate your party? You can serve appetizers on home-crafted plates or embellish your dishware for lavish presentation.

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