Sick of Spots? Here Are Our Tips for Clearer Skin

When was the last time you had your skin assessed by a dermatologist? If you’re busy buying makeup and doing what you can to cover up hormonal breakouts, then you need to have an assessment done so that you can really learn to understand your skin and stop suffocating it under blush. We are often cruel to our skin: we don’t wear sunscreen properly, we’re scrubbing our cheeks with an exfoliant and we’re not drinking enough water. All of these things? They are causing redness, breakouts, and spots and if you’re a grown adult, all of these are things that you generally want to avoid.

If you’re watching videos to see how Dr. Rubinstein applies Juvederm, you’re not alone. There are so many things that you can do for your skin and some of it can be complicated if you’re not sure how to look after yours. Instead of being cruel with your skin, you need to build kindness into your regimen and it doesn’t have to take up too much of your time, either. With that in mind, here are our concentrated tips for clearer, healthier skin that looks beautiful no matter what.

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  • Use a cleansing brush. Have you got a bank of flannels and clothes that you are using for your face? If so, you should think about switching to a cleansing brush. It works as a natural exfoliant, so you don’t even have to use an exfoliator cream. You want to make sure that the brush you use is designed for the skin on your face because you’re looking to make it soft and smooth!
  • Be careful when shopping for face wash. It’s so common for people to want to pop their zits, but this isn’t something you should do. You should also be very careful about your face wash because the one with the chemicals may not be good for your particular skin type. This is where it becomes so important to speak to a specialist because they can recommend the right wash that won’t strip your natural oils.
  • Always use a toner. The routine is to cleanse, tone, and moisturize and there’s a reason for it. Toner with a salicylic or glycolic acid twice a day will help to prevent dead skin cells from clogging up your pores. The right toner will be great for your skin, and you’ll be able to see that glow without the patchy redness you’ve been used to. 
  • Stop picking! Picking your face – especially when there is dry skin – is super tempting. You become hyper-aware of the skin on your face when it’s flaky but if you continue to pick at it, you’re going to make your face sore. You want to keep the inflammation down instead and that means looking after the skin. Acne-clearing masks and creams can help to hydrate it enough to stop the need to pick!
  • Use sunscreen every day. Sun exposure can be both good and bad for your skin. You need vitamin D, sure, but that doesn’t mean that you want to turn your face to the sun without any sunscreen. Sunscreen will prevent burning and will protect you, but you want to also not clog the pores. It’s a delicate balance that requires you to look for oil-free options that won’t just sit on the surface of your skin.
  • Look at your diet. You won’t believe how many people forget their diet when it comes to skin health. It’s not about slamming your face with bananas and honey, but about what you consume. Making sure that you are eating a balanced diet with black tea, greens, fruits and nuts will mean that you are feeding your face the right things! Diet cleanses you on the inside, which means you’re not overproducing oil in your skin on the outside. 
  • Stop touching your face. The bacteria collected in your hands all day long can be detrimental to the surface of your skin. To make things right, think about ensuring that you keep your hands away from your face and stop touching it where you can. 
  • Sleep on clean bedding. Swapping your pillowcase every couple of days is so important if you want to ensure that you have fewer breakouts. Your pillowcase has two sides, so sleep two nights (flip the pillow in between) and then wash and replace the pillowcase. The idea is that you’re not going to sleep on a drool covered, oil covered pillow every night, undoing your hard work!

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