8 Key Tips To Help Get The Best Out Of Rest Days


If you are into fitness, you’ll know all about how invigorating it feels when you finish your workout. You’ll also know that it’s easy to stay in the habit of training. The idea of going a few days without some exercise can make you feel as though you are losing progress in what you are trying to achieve. You could be looking to build muscle and strength or you could be hoping to lose a few pounds of fat. Whatever your reasoning, stopping it for even a little while can feel somewhat negative. 

The truth is that rest days are necessary and they’ll actually help us with whatever we are trying to achieve regarding our fitness. It’s quite counterintuitive because we wonder why we can progress when we are sitting still and doing very little. The body does need to rest and recover a lot of the time, though. It can also really help if you are trying to avoid injuries or any other significant damage. If you want to get the absolute best out of your rest periods, here are a few tips: 

Understand The Importance Of Rest Days Overall 

Even though we’ve made it clear that rest days are important, some people still might not take this advice seriously. It’s completely normal because you’ll always feel like you have to do something in order to lose weight or to get stronger. Once you understand the real importance of rest, you’ll be more inclined to actually follow through with them properly. It’s good to put them into practice and fully understand how they benefit you in the long run. When you train too much, you will not receive the results you want or they will take you so much longer. 

Think About Active Rests Versus Complete Rests 

Resting isn’t just about sitting around and doing very little. You can absolutely do this if you choose, but you might get even more of a benefit from doing something on these days. It doesn’t have to be anything intense but any kind of light movement can really help you as you recover. It will also keep your mind satisfied and make you feel less lazy on these days. 

Understand Nutrition And Supplementation

You should be doing this during your training days, too. If you eat the right things and supplement properly, you will recover so much better. Make sure you get enough protein in order to repair your muscles and to recover as quickly as possible. Choosing the right supplement company will also be quite important as you’ll be likely committing to them with a large purchase. The likes of STEEL Supplements are great for providing protein powders, creatine, and pre-workout products. 

Stay Hydrated As Much As Possible

We may as well touch on this as it’s similar to the idea of staying well-fed and nourished. You must do this every day but especially when you are trying to recover. We are made up of water, so be sure to replenish whenever you can. 

Ensure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

So many people in this world struggle with getting enough sleep. We have so many things going on and sometimes stress can take over. It might also be a case of being in a sleeping pattern that inhibits lots of sleep. Do whatever you can to get around 7 or 8 hours a night. 

Be Mindful With What You Are Doing During This Time

During rest days, you are able to focus on your mental well-being as well. Do what you can to reduce stress and help out your breathing. The likes of meditation and deep breathing exercises are great options. The lower your stress levels, the faster you’ll be able to recover. 

Think About Stretching And Other Mobility Exercises

On rest days, a lot of people don’t really think about improving their flexibility and mobility. Stretching using a foam roller could help out so much with preventing injuries and improving your range of motion. You can also simply be a great way of ensuring that you recover quicker than initially expected.

Use Rests For Planning 

Because you won’t be training during rest days, you’ll have lots of time to do other things that are productive. It would be a good time to plan out what you are trying to achieve on a broader scale. Figuring out certain exercises and looking at ways achieving your long-term goals can help out so much in the grand scheme of things.

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