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With my busy schedule, I do most of my shopping online – shopping online is easier, faster and convenient, however there are downfalls like having to spend EXTRA for shipping.

I’ll admit, some places do offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount of money, but why should you have to buy more things you mostly don’t need just to save on shipping?

Recently, I discovered a website called, this website was the secret to all my problems. The website’s name basically sums up what it offers – free shipping AND gives the customer 10% cash back on orders from most of their stores (did I mention they have an exclusive store directory of 1,000+ online stores?). On top of that, if you browse the website you can also find coupons and deals at your favorite stores!
I was thankful enough that most of my favorite online shops are listed in the directory – Zara, Nordstrom, Groupon, to name a few. Recently, while shopping on Groupon I was able to save some money using When you use to shop at Groupon, you get 10% Cash Back on purchase(s), and there are featured coupons to use as extra while shopping!

I love Groupon in general because it saves you quite some money, and using definitely adds the cherry on top of more savings! On my recent purchase, I had bought a massage and mani and pedi deal. Although, none of the featured coupons worked on these two deals, I am still able to get 10% cash back – which is definitely something!

So how does work?
  • Sign Up + Join: All you have to do is pay a low monthly fee in exchange for free shipping and free returns – as well as access to sites that give you 10% cash back on your order too!
    • *Helpful Tip – You can sign up for a free 7-day trial, and then after the 7 days, your card will be charged. You can cancel at anytime.
  • Search for Your Favorites: Go to and using the search bar to look for a fspecific retailer or click “See All Retailers” to view the complete list, including cash-back participating retailers as well as rebate-only merchants.
  • Get Shopping: Once you’ve found your favorite online stores, click any of the, “Visit Store” button on your chosen retailer’s page.
  • Last ‘Shop ‘til You Drop’: The easiest part – shop and make your purchase! J Make sure you are using the browser window that opened when you clicked the “Visit Store” button. If you have any coupons, copy code and apply any that is valid when you check out.
  • Get Cash: Once your order ships, your earned cash back will be put in your Savings Center account on At the end of each quarter, you’ll receive a check with your cash back savings!
I am all about saving money, even if it’s as little – I look forward to shopping more with! If you love to save money while online shopping, check it out and sign up here!

Until next time,
Fancy Nancy

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