Resolutions That Are Easy To Stick To in the New Year

Resolutions That Are Easy To Stick To in the New Year


Setting resolutions can motivate us for the New Year. Whether you plan to retract or add a habit in your life, goals can improve your wellbeing and outlook on life. That is why it can be so frustrating or disappointing for New Year ambitions to fall by the wayside.

Luckily, there are ample resolutions that are easy to stick to in the New Year that can contribute to wellness. Read on to see which goals are most feasible for folks looking to adjust their lives.

Get Outside More

Connecting with nature has proven to decrease stress and all the health risks associated with it. You can reap free health benefits just from stepping outside more often.

Goals to get more fresh air in the New Year can vary, too. Set yourself up for success by writing out different ways you can get outside. Daily walks, weekly bike rides, or even just some time sitting or resting outside are all resolutions that are easy to stick to in the New Year when the weather allows.

Cook From Home More Often

When it comes to meals, takeout and delivery may seem the most convenient. However, cooking at home can save you lots of money and contribute to a new skill—cooking. Cooking is a useful and exciting hobby that opens the door to an abundance of new recipes and foods.

The more you eat from home, the more likely your meals are to be healthy. When you cook a meal for yourself and your family, you are more mindful of all the ingredients in the dish than you would be with takeout. Add a few essential cooking utensils to your kitchen to jumpstart your cooking endeavors.

Become Organized

Getting organized is a popular resolution amongst people, and it turns out that it is very achievable. An organized life can reduce stress and promote productivity. A well-managed life makes other ambitions more feasible!

There are plenty of ways to organize your home and workspaces. Start by decluttering your space. Review items homeless shelters need most to craft a helpful donation list while you declutter your home. Though certain materials can only be accepted as new, many shelters accept gently used clothing and household items.

Drink More Water

There is no doubt that water is essential to proper body function, but do you get enough of it? Drinking more water is a highly attainable resolution that has palpable health perks. The benefits of staying well-hydrated include:

  • Healthier, buoyant skin
  • Increased energy levels
  • Greater cognitive function
  • Potentially fewer headaches

Whatever goals you set for the New Year, do not get discouraged if they start to dissipate. The best thing you can do to prevent this from happening is to plan accordingly. Write your intentions out on paper to hold yourself accountable and give yourself daily words of affirmation to encourage yourself to achieve all your New Year’s resolutions.

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