Planning The Perfect Proposal? Keep These Tips in Mind

A wedding proposal can often be one of the most exciting yet terrifying moments in a person’s life. Often in movies, the moment is romanticized to a degree, and people feel they need to go over the top of their efforts won’t be appreciated.

But in reality, this isn’t true. While this approach was on the big or even small screen, the perfect wedding proposal needs to be carefully considered in real life. This post delves into the considerations to keep in mind when planning the ideal proposal, and you can click here for further diamond valentines day gifts and proposal ideas.

The Type of Person They Are

Before you start making any hard and fast plans, you need to consider the type of person you want to marry. Are they larger than life and enjoy being in front of an audience or being the center of attention? Or do they prefer the quieter life and are more content to sit in the shadows? Everyone is unique, and as such, your proposal needs to be for the individual, not what you think “society” wants. The last thing you want is to get the scene wrong and make a spectacle for all the wrong reasons.

What Are Their Thoughts on Proposals?

Many people, not everyone, however, will have an idea of how they want to be proposed to. For some, this can be a simple, “So should we get married” while watching your favorite tv show at home? For others, they want the big display of affection, down on one knee, the rose petals, family and friends in attendance, and so on. Take some time to determine what they would feel comfortable with. Ask family and friends. Watch movies with proposals to gauge their reaction to the scene in question and help you to ensure you get it right the first time because you might not get a second if you get it wrong.

Get A Ring

A ring isn’t always required to propose to your loved one. However, it is a symbol of your love and devotion. An engagement ring needs to be a ring that symbolizes your love and is something they are proud to wear on their finger. Again much like the above point, this can be something they have specific ideas on, from plain bands in gold, silver, white gold, or platinum, for example, to different gems, styles, designs, and more. The ring needs to be chosen with care and attention after much research and probing and potential assistance from close family and friends.

Preserving The Moment

Lastly, when planning your proposal, you must consider how you want to preserve the moment. Of course, you want memories of what happened and how it went to show people who were not in attendance and likely because you will be too caught up in the moment to fully process what happened. As such, arrange for someone to be present to take videos or photographs and give you both memories you can treasure for a lifetime.


The last thing you want when planning your proposal is to get all the small details wrong. Even spur-of-the-moment proposals need to have some thought and planning behind them. Getting it just right can ensure you both have an experience you remember for all the right reasons.

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