A Guide To Planning the Perfect Proposal

A Guide To Planning the Perfect Proposal


Are you and your special someone having an exciting conversation about marriage? Follow this guide to planning a perfect proposal so the two of you can enjoy some romantic time together! Everyone has different advice—some women want to pick out their ring, but others love a surprise! Do what’s right for you.

Have the Conversation

Before you start ring shopping, the two of you should have a conversation to make sure you’re on the same page. Marriage is a commitment, and you don’t want to rush into things. Your partner may love you more than anything but isn’t quite ready to settle down. A conversation shows you respect one another’s beliefs and feelings.

Think Long Term

A lot goes into a marriage, so consider the bigger picture. Do you fit in with each other’s families? Do you have similar family plans?

Knowing this before you get married prevents future conflicts and, at worse, finding yourself looking at resources like this Blog to get some advice on aspects of the divorce process you may not understand. If you both want to have children, one of you may want to step away from your career to raise the kids. You should have the same or similar outlooks on what a happy family is, so you bring the dream to fruition together.

Shop for the Ring

Buy the perfect engagement ring. Consider talking to your partner’s family first as a sign of respect. As you shop for rings, you should also think about ring insurance.

Buy the Perfect Ring

When you start ring shopping for the perfect diamond, understand the 4 Cs since it affects the price. You may have to buy a lower karat diamond to afford one with lots of brilliance and sparkle!

You may want to ring shop together to ensure both of you are happy with the purchase. Most everyone loves a dazzling engagement ring, and some people are pickier than others.


A guide to planning a perfect proposal would be incomplete without mentioning getting down on one knee. Remember, it can still be a surprise if you shop together—don’t share when you plan on asking. When you plan the proposal, think about:

  • A meaningful location 
  • Inviting friends or family 
  • How you’ll ask
  • Making it personal

You may want to ask in public or privately. Some ask their partner in front of the family so relatives can take pictures to capture the moment. Pick out the perfect time and place to ask your lover for their hand in marriage.

Get To Planning

Once you get engaged, it’s time to get to work on the next step—plan the wedding. You don’t have to do this right away, so you can still enjoy some time together before getting married.

The two of you may even want to throw an engagement party with close friends and family to celebrate the upcoming journey with friends and family. Regardless of your plan, communicate so things run smoothly, and the focus can remain on your love for one another.

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