Pia Gladys Perey + Caterina Jewelry x Naked Princess Event

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of a special evening filled with beautiful bridesmaid dresses and sexy lingerie. The event took place at the Naked Princess in West Hollywood and showcased Pia Gladys Perey’s upcoming Bridesmaids Collection and Naked Princess’ Lingerie. The event was hosted by supermodel and actress Tia Shipman.

I had been one out of the few Bloggers to be a part of this wonderful event, which I had the pleasure to wear one of Pia’s bridesmaid dresses. Her collection is to die for, wishing I could wear them all, the winning dress was a blush colored cocktail dress (pictured below).

I styled this dress with simple and elegant pieces by Caterina Jewelry, whom was also part of this campaign and had a pleasure to wear as well. Caterina Jewelry designs sophisticated and contemporary pieces for an everyday woman. What separates them from the rest is that Caterina Jewelry has what’s called a charm opener, which basically makes opening jewelry clasps a whole lot easier (no more manicure chips)! It’s a tool that lets you remove your bracelet in one click. How clever is that?

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Overall, the event was a success. The mini fashion show that occurred towards the end of the event was breath-taking and stunning. I absolutely loved all of Pia’s designs, and adored Naked Princess’ lingerie! Wedding season is approaching and those of you who are about to get married, I recommend you check out Pia’s Collection and Caterina Jewelry, you won’t be disappointed!



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