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A big challenge I came across when moving to a new city is meeting new friends with similar interests. I think anybody, moving, can relate to this topic, especially if you have to start from scratch. Taking a big risk, basically moving across the country and not knowing many people here in LA, was quite terrifying.

This was my first “big” move away from home; I have never lived in a different state other than Illinois. Though, the big change, I was determined to meet new people and network as much as I can. One of the things I have always wanted to accomplish is to do things alone. I mean, I have done things alone before but not anything like going to a bar or attending a meetup, stuff like that. I was not able to do those things alone in Chicago, in fear that I would easily run into someone I knew, lol.

So LA was the perfect start to do things alone, and in hopes to meeting people. So where did I begin? I was recently contacted by a company called Verlocal, a social platform built to bring people with similar interests and hobbies together, offering experiences and workshops that range from outdoor adventures to cooking to crafts. This was perfect! Verlocal offers activities in various locations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Austin and Boston.

Browsing through their website, I decided to take a cooking class, which I have always wanted to do! There were so many to choose from, the one I ended up going with was the Mediterranean Cuisine with Chef Daniel, located in Downtown, Los Angeles. In this class, we would be learning to make a 4-course meal including, an appetizer of hummus, mussels as the first course, then chicken skewers and lastly an apple tart for dessert.

I was fortunate enough to have my best friend in town that weekend to join me in the cooking class. Upon arrival, Chef Daniel prepared the food supplies, as the house guests brought their choice of beverage. The class was great, Chef Daniel gave us some thorough tips on cooking the various foods and shared with us some useful knife tricks. The only critique that my friend and I would say was we were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t really a hands-on type of class. It was more of a demonstration only. Other than that overall it was a fun and tasty experience! I definitely look forward to trying more classes through Verlocal.

If you guys are in any of the cities listed above, you should definitely check out the activities offered in your city! I definitely want to try a city scavenger hunt sometime, whose down? 🙂

Thanks to Verlocal for sponsoring this post and the experience! I can’t wait for more adventures to come!



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