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It is no secret that I love to wear bold, colorful and fashion-forward pieces. Everything from my clothing to accessories and jewelry, I am not afraid to stand out. Recently, I was contacted by this brand new app called KOLLECTIN, an app that features fashionistas (like myself) to run their own Tiny Boutiques. These boutiques offers shoppers an array of unique favorite jewelry pieces individually selected by each influencer. – I was excited to get my boutique going, as you could imagine, my boutique sells very fun and “out there” pieces.

I selected 6 pieces of jewelry. See below why I chose it and how I styled them:

1) The Velora Earrings

I absolutely adore these earrings – they are a tad bit exxxtra; don’t you think? Tassel earrings have been such a trend these past years and if you didn’t think those were much of a statement, these extra large ones definitely make one!

I styled these beauties with an all-gray look with chic black mules and a black clutch. Talk about street style galore.

2) Pamela Earrings + Radella Cuff + Catherine Ring

I am rocking three beautiful jewelry pieces in one look. Let’s start off with the earrings, Pamela Earrings, they are stunning! From the beautiful crystal wing detail to the gold plated mix metal, the earrings by itself makes for a definite show stopper! As if my earrings weren’t enough, I styled it with a variety of color and a bold silk jacket.

Accessorized with 2 more calmer/less flashy yet versatile jewelry, the Radella Cuff and the Catherine Ring.

3) Quinn Earrings + Riley Bracelet

These two pretty pieces help to curate a feminine and classy “Nancy” look – love how the Riley Bracelet complemented well with the blue touches to my dress and boots and the Quinn Earrings added the right touch of glam. {shop my pieces on my Tiny Boutique}

Which piece(s) are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

If you want to shop my jewelry pieces, you can sign up using this link, or download the KOLLECTIN app and use my code “Fancy Nancista


Fancy Nancy

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