Meet Sergio Cruz: A Colombian Solo Traveler & Nomad!

Sergio, Solo Traveler, from Colombia
Meet our first Pathways Unscripted guest Sergio Cruz from Colombia!

Nancy crossed paths with Sergio during her solo adventure in Croatia, and they instantly clicked! From Croatia, they’ve traveled to various countries – Montenegro, Greece, Albania, and even met up in Asia! 

We are thrilled to present our first guest, whose journey is a true inspiration. Through the highs and lows, there’s something we can all glean from his experiences. Whether you’re embarking on a solo nomadic adventure or just curious to learn more, his story is bound to spark inspiration! 🌟

1. How long have you been solo traveling while working remotely and what encouraged/inspired you to solo travel?

I have been traveling for 3 years as a Digital Nomad and ‌7 years of traveling around the world. Having worked in tourism, I connected with countless travelers and craved that lifestyle—being in a new country every so often. I love learning languages and the constant sense of growth that comes with it. Traveling provides that because being in a different place naturally pushes you to discover something new. Moreover, as I’ve grown, I’ve sensed a detachment from my social circle, feeling a distinctiveness that makes me feel like I don’t quite fit in any specific place.

2. Where would you recommend a first-time solo traveler to visit that isn’t on everyone’s radar, and why?

Albania is my go-to pick! Why? Well, it’s super budget-friendly, the most in all of Europe. You get a mix of everything—nature, city vibes, and beach fun—all in one country. Perfect for both travelers and Digital Nomads. It’s gaining popularity each year (a real hidden gem), and honestly, it’s just an awesome place to explore. And hey, don’t believe the safety rumors—I’ve been there with a fellow solo traveler (she’s a woman), and we both felt totally secure.

I’d totally think about setting up camp in Albania for a good while, like 2 or 3 months. It’s got all the stuff I need as a traveler.

3. Since our platform thrives in uplifting minorities – we want to know, in what ways do you navigate and embrace cultural differences while traveling alone, and how has it shaped your overall perspective on the world?

I’m all about soaking up unique cultural vibes. Whether it’s volunteering in local homes, diving into cultural and food tours, or hitting up cultural events, I’m there. Culture travel is my jam. I love throwing questions at locals and travel buddies to get the lowdown on their daily life—it’s all about learning those cool nuances I didn’t know about their culture.

4. As a full-time solo traveler/digital nomad, how has solo travel contributed to your spiritual journey, and have you encountered any transformative moments or insights along the way?

Solo traveling has helped me:

  • Realize how valuable it is to spend time just with yourself and to actually have dates with yourself. 
  • I learned to give space for my thoughts to flow by just lying down and letting it be while listening to myself.
  • Appreciate friendships and family (spending too much time alone has made me realize that feeling the physical company of your loved ones, especially in tough times is super important and uplifting).
  • Become emotionally independent. I used to make a lot of decisions based on what other people wanted for me, but now I tend to make decisions based on what I feel like. I’m not afraid of traveling to places where I don’t know anyone.

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