Meet Rhonelee Soria: Entrepreneur, Spiritual Seeker, and Solo Traveler

Say Aloha to Rhonelee from Hawaii! Nancy bumped into her while trying to make new friends at a Board Game Meetup in Los Angeles. They clicked instantly, and ever since, Nancy has been deeply inspired by Rhonelee’s entrepreneurial journey. With a shared love for solo travel and spirituality, they are a dynamic duo. Get ready for Rhonelee’s story—it’s here to inspire and shed light on your own journey whether it’s for solo traveling, spirituality, and/or entrepreneurship! 🌺✨

1. Reflecting on your past business, Aloha Method, what was the most significant challenge you faced? If given the chance to revisit that time, what adjustments would you make? Moreover, in overcoming this challenge, how has the experience positively shaped your journey and perspective as an entrepreneur moving forward?

Marketing during the pandemic was quite challenging as we knew it was a tough time for many people financially. If I could have revisited that time, I’d probably seek additional help with our marketing efforts. I’ve learned the valuable lesson of patience and consistency. Big rewards won’t happen overnight, and you have to focus on the small wins to keep you moving.

2. Besides being an entrepreneur, I know you also dab into a bit of solo traveling, so we want to know what inspired you to embark on solo travel, and how has it shaped your personal growth.

I love traveling in general and always feel the giddiest when I’m on the road or exploring somewhere new. When it comes to traveling solo, I was first inspired as I’d hear or watch videos of other women backpacking a country or national park by themselves. There’s just something so empowering and liberating about that, and I knew I wanted to create that sense of accomplishment for myself as well.

3. Since our platform thrives in uplifting minorities – we want to know how being a minority has influenced your solo travel and entrepreneur experiences, and are there specific moments that stand out in shaping your perspective on cultural diversity and inclusion during your journeys?

Being a Filipino-American from Hawaii, I’m blessed to have been raised in a melting pot of cultures. When it comes to entrepreneurial experiences, I’ve learned to be more inclusive of others’ interests and backgrounds. For instance, when designing or introducing a product… I’d always ask – will everyone like this? If not, what can I include so they know I’m thinking of them?

4. How has your solo travel journey intertwined with your spiritual beliefs, and in what ways has it influenced your personal and professional growth as an entrepreneur?

Traveling shows our feet how to explore new paths, and our hearts adjust to a different beat. The more we break from our regular routines, the more we become open to the unknown and become less afraid. As a believer in God, I know He would want us to grow and trust more when it comes to the unknown.

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