Meet Gianira from Lima, Peru!

Introducing Gianira, the solo explorer hailing from Lima, Peru! Nancy met her when she was volunteering at a hotel in Vlore, Albania. Although she embarked on her travel journey nearly three years back, she’s been solo-tripping for an awesome six months now.

1. Where would you recommend a first-time solo traveler to visit that isn’t on everyone’s radar?

I would recommend Costa Rica. It is such a beautiful country with a lot of nature. People are genuinely friendly and they are always trying to help. Also, I love when they say ‘Pura Vida’, which is their national phrase.

2. Since our platform thrives in uplifting minorities – can you share a specific encounter or experience during your solo travels that highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion for you?

In the beginning, I was scared to start traveling alone (as a woman). However, everywhere I go, I’ve met a lot of girls who are also traveling and they have gone to places that I thought could be dangerous, but they had a great time and learned a lot. I think that meeting each one of them proved to me one more time how important it is not only to travel and explore but also to feel that being a girl shouldn’t be a reason to feel scared and stop exploring. Of course, sometimes we have to be more careful, but it shouldn’t stop us from living our dreams at all.

3. As a solo traveler/digital nomad, how has solo travel contributed to your spiritual journey, and have you encountered any transformative moments or insights along the way?

I think I have changed a lot since I started traveling! Before starting this journey I used to live in my own bubble, where I thought that my reality was the only one. However, I met a lot of people, learned about different cultures and realities, and even some weeks I lived with just a small bag. I know now that there is no better knowledge than the one that you learn while traveling.

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