Meet Cat – an Entrepreneur and Solo Traveler from the Bay Area

Introducing Cat, the dynamic entrepreneur and solo traveler hailing from the vibrant Bay Area, California! Nancy first connected with her during their time in Hawaii a few years ago. Get ready to be inspired as we unveil Cat’s incredible journey into entrepreneurship and solo adventures!

1. Cat, it’s a pleasure to have you here! I know you recently started a new business – Cat Liu Media – could you share more about your work—what it entails, what inspired its creation, and the aspirations you have for its future?

Sure! Cat Liu Media is a social media marketing business that works primarily with small local businesses. I’ve done content creation and modeling in the past and decided to transfer my hobbies into a career path! I love seeing local businesses bloom and grow, and I also love doing photography and video editing.

2. Besides being an entrepreneur, I know you also dab into a bit of solo traveling as well, so we want to know what inspired you to embark on solo travel, and how has it shaped your personal growth?

Initially a bit after I moved to Hawaii I met a lot of free spirit-type people here. People who’ve lived abroad and traveled the world. I got really inspired and decided to begin my solo journey. I was working remotely at the time and decided to go to Portland, Oregon for my first stop. Solo travel has made me unafraid you could say. And always excited to go to new places. When I went to Portland I didn’t know a soul, but decided to check out coffee shops, make small talk with my bartender or Uber driver, and seek out fun events! I felt way more confident in traveling after that.

3. Since our platform thrives in uplifting minorities – we want to know how being a minority has influenced your solo travel and entrepreneur experiences, and are there specific moments that stand out in shaping your perspective on cultural diversity and inclusion during your journeys?

I think Asian American girls are expected to be timid, and I present myself as the opposite and feel empowered to be an Asian American solo traveler. I think it drove me to do cool things like sign up for tours and make friends at a random bar. 

On the flip side, I have been more aware of my surroundings in some less liberal cities, but this has encouraged me to trust my instinct and find friendly people to feel supported on my travels. I used to find local events or I would meet up with friends I knew through Instagram.

4. How has your solo travel journey intertwined with your spiritual beliefs, and in what ways has it influenced your personal and professional growth as an entrepreneur?

My solo travel has made me feel present and cherish the moment. And that made me a lot more impulsive. The way traveling for me could be impulsive, I’ve also learned to make decisions pretty quickly in my entrepreneurial life.

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