Luxe Gift Ideas for Him


Splurging on your partner for a special occasion is a fun way to spoil him and also gift him something that you have noticed he subtly mentions in daily life. More often than not, knowing what to get your man is pretty hard because they tend to have everything or say they don’t ‘need’ things. But there are items where a little luxury can make a daily experience all the more enjoyable. 

Here are some luxury gift ideas for your special someone: 

A beautiful watch

A beautiful watch is a way your guy can elevate his looks and put something on every day with love, from you. When choosing a watch to gift, a luxurious classic is always the best option- think Rolex Submariner or the functional Datejust: simple, elegant and modern. Also, in today’s era of online shopping, you can find everything online, for example the Rolex Boutique of Pisa Orologeria is one of the best watch stores with an online catalogue to find the perfect model you’re looking for.

A sophisticated home coffee maker

A sophisticated home coffee maker is on just about every coffee lover’s wish list. Take note of your guys’ favorite recent coffee habits and gift him with a sophisticated home coffee maker accordingly. Does he have a nice espresso? Focus on the quality espresso machines. Does he opt for a cappuccino or latte in the morning? Find a quality espresso machine but with the steamer attached. You’ll really up your guys’ morning coffee, something he’ll love! 

High tech wireless headphones 

If your guy doesn’t already have high tech wireless headphones, these are a luxury that he will be extremely thankful for. Whether he travels, takes public transport, or just likes to tune out and really dive into his music, noise-cancelling headphones make all the difference. 

Record player 

If your guy is really into music and into those classic ‘vintage’ pieces, a record player is a gift that your guy will love. He’ll love getting to set it up in a special place, having the experience of heading to the record store to find his favorite records, and sitting back and listening to music on his record player. 


A drone is a luxurious tech item that your guy can have some fun shooting content with. Whether he enjoys capturing video of your holiday or photos that people just can’t get up to get, a drone is one of those gadgets he will get excited to use.

Robot Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of those gifts that people laugh about being so excited to receive. But a robot vacuum cleaner such as the Roomba is one step further, because your guy can tidy up without lifting a finger. It is one of those gifts he may not purchase for himself, but he’ll surely appreciate. 

Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant such as Alexa or Google Home makes things at home a lot more efficient. Whether your guy wants to ask about the weather while he is getting ready, play music, call a friend while cooking, etc., a virtual assistant is one of those gifts that you don’t know just how often you’d use until you have it. 

These are all gifts that basically anyone would appreciate, and you’re guaranteed to take him by surprise with any one of these luxe gift ideas. 

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