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Look of the Week

Look of the Week by fancynancista featuring kate spade jewelry

Happy Monday Lovelies! Hope everyone had a great day, my day was so-so. Stuck at work… which sucks because I need to get home, so since he won’t let me leave at the regular time, I am going to use this time to blog. <3 (:

Over the weekend, I was thinking about ideas for my blog, and decided that I would put together a collage of my favorite pieces together and post a “Look of the Week,” the start of each week this year!

1) Leopard Print Fur Coat

COST: $99

I thought it would be appropriate to post a fur jacket on this dreadful 1 degrees weather today, and animal print is always a favorite print of mine. A fur coat/jacket is on my list for this season, and this one is a perfect example of one that I wanted! Super cute and fabbb. Don’t you think?

2) Red Sleeveless Blouse


COST: $300 – too expensive? Here’s a cheaper similar deal!

I would say that the red blouse is a perfect match for this week’s themed holiday ;-*. And in general, you can’t go wrong with red and leather, which is also another thing on my list.. I tried on leather gauge pants last Friday, but unfortunately it didn’t fit as I wished it would! =( Still on the search!


Givenchy Shark lock high heel ankle boot

COST: $837 – Shop a cheaper deal here!

And lastly a bootie heel is a perfect match for this outfit for this season. You could be rocking the strapped heel as well, however unless you want to get frost bite on your feet…. Then I would stick to booties for now! Ha ha.

Look of the Week

What do you guys think?  Hopefully I’ll be wearing this outfit soon =)! To get my daily #outfitofthedays and updates, follow me on INSTAGRAM. <3

As much as I hateee this weather, you can always find ways to look fab in this ‘drab’ weather, haah!

Fancy Nancista


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