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You may have known that I am on a few social network sites already, to name a few Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, however in the past month or so I have joined a few extra networks that involve mainly Fashion, just so that I can help build my audience. Anyway, I found one that I truly love and have been able to quickly expose and share my styles to other Fashion bloggers or fans as well. I found this app on a Fashion Blogger group I joined on Facebook not too long ago.

So are you curious to know what the app is called?! 😀 The app is called Famest, and it’s very similar to Instagram, but unlike Instagram you can easily tag the stores/brands you purchased your outfit on the photo itself. This app is mainly targeting towards fashionistas who want to just share their different styles and outfits to other fashionistas. So if you don’t see me here too often, you can find my styles mainly on this app and Instagram.

Here are a few of my most liked photos on Famest:

To find more of my styles, you can find here!

This app is available through web and phone, so you can stay connected wherever you are! Famest is also awesomeeee—ER haha than any other platform because not only do you get to share your styles with others BUT you are also rewarded with discounts and coupons to your favorite stores, examples are ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Revolve Clothing, etc. And maybe if you’re lucky Famest may feature you on their Instagram page! 😉

To all my Fashion friends, followers, and/or fans, sign up using this link ==>> FAMEST, and get a 25 points welcome gift (that’s only making you 25 points away from earning a reward for your favorite fashion stores)! 

Hope to see you there 🙂

Until next time loves,

Xx Fancy Nancista <3

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