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Ah, I have to admit that I am really really bad multi tasking between work, school and updating this blog. I am very sorry! I have been, however, updating my other social media tools, such as Facebook and Instagram. So if you’re following me, you should know, that I try to post every here and there! And if you’re not: FOLLOW ME HERE: Instagram & Facebook <3

So want an inside scoop on what you’ve been missing on Instagram? Here are some pictures that I have uploaded recently and ones that I never posted!

These edgy heels I had purchased at AKIRA back home in the burbs! Love them, but they are a tad bit uncomfortable, unfortunately. I bought these last October to wear on my birthday!

Here is myself wearing my full birthday outfit! The dress I bought from RevolveClothing, it definitely did not fit true to size. I bought a small, and it was a little bit too big on me!
Love this look for fall! Leather skirt, with a mustard knit and dark red lipstick!
 Here’s a different look with wearing a leather long skirt. This lacy black turtle neck cropped top I bought from Tobi last year. I always get compliments whenever I wear it!! 
This is an old pic from last year.. A way that I love to wear it! 
Any kind of closed toe heel would look great with it!

 I love this dress! I bought from AKIRA, it’s sophisticated, sassy and classy! I just wish I wasn’t so pale =P. 
Anyway, that is it for now! I just ordered two new dresses and a belt during the great sales of Black Friday! I will be going on vacation for New Years, and will be posting lots and lots of new outfits! So keep an eye out! 
Don’t forget! If you are not following me, please do Instagram & Facebook <3 
Until next time, 
Fancy Nancy <3 


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