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Fancy Nanc-ista

So I officially stink at updating this blog! But in my defense, I am really busy, I spent my whole weekend locked in my room, and doing my never ending load of work for school! Those of you who don’t know me, I am studying animation and vfx and it’s VERY time consuming! But I can’t complain because I actually enjoy it! Yup who would have known, I am a computer nerd but love fashion?

In the meantime, I will post looks that I love! And outfit pieces I need to buy!

Found all of these in Pinterest! 
I don’t have much of a list of things I want to buy BUT

These two shoes are a must! 1) ZARA 2) Steve Madden

I’ll try my best to update my blog more this week!

Until next time loves,

Fancy Nancy <3

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